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  • This notice and its explanation calls the variable in English and not in the native language

    • Want to use Construct in {0}? (Spanish)
    • Your language settings indicate a preference for {0}. We are working on a translation for this language and we're looking for contributors to help. [a1]Click here to find out more[/a1]

    English (US) englishName Spanish

    English (US) nativeName Español

    ¿Quieres usar Construct en {0}? (Español)

    Tu configuración de idioma indica una preferencia por el {0}. Estamos trabajando en una traducción para este idioma y buscamos colaboradores que nos ayuden. [a1]Haz clic aquí para obtener más información[/a1]

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  • Ashley, please, change the variable {0} with English (US) nativeName Español instead English (US) englishName Spanish.

    Thank you

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