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  • This is not a criticism, just a proposal.

    We have been seeing that the translation history no longer appears and people whose phrase is edited for correction or modification lose it in the global count. We do not think it is fair and all contributions should be considered whether they are good, fair or bad, after all it is an effort made by all the collaborators and should be reflected.

    I hope something can be done about that. Thank you

    Esto no es una crítica, solo una propuesta.

    Hemos estado viendo que ya no aparece el histórico de traducciones y las personas cuya frase es editada para retocarla o modificarla la pierden en el computo global. No nos parece justo y se deberían considerar todas las aportaciones esten bien, regular o mal, al fin y al cabo es un esfuerzo que hacen todos los colaboradores y debe ser reflejado.

    Espero que se pueda hacer algo al respecto. Gracias

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  • EDIT:

    I had written a mildly angry post about this topic, and then realized that the translation count in PO only shows the last week translations. However, we should have been informed about how will the translation be counted towards getting the free license, and if the count can change if others edit (correct) our translations or we correct others'.

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