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  • Today we have finished the translation of Construct3 into Spanish.

    The task remains to homogenize terms with what has been agreed between translators.

    For my part, thank you to all the collaborators who have come through here and we have been entertained and learned something new and helped to put this fantastic tool in our language.

    Hoy hemos terminado la traducción de Construct3 al español.

    Queda la tarea de homogeneizar términos con lo acordado entre traductores.

    Por mi parte gracias a todos los colaboradores que hemos pasado por aquí y nos hemos entretenido y aprendido alguna cosa nueva y hemos ayudado a poner esta herramienta tan fantástica en nuestro idioma.

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  • Congratulations on finishing the translation! We'll be reviewing the content shortly, and assuming everything is OK, it'll ship in the next C3 release after the review finishes. Until then it'll still be marked as "in progress" in C3. There are a few contributors involved, and we'll get in touch about rewards once the review is done.

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