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    isn't better to leave keywords as they are?

    For introduction, i hate Unreal4 spanish version, is COMPLETLY USELESS, "change Unreal4 to english version" is one of the most wanted tutorials because the words doesn't match the general logic and is a hell to find tutorials or help.

    A lot of keywords must be in english to understand the order of events, because in spanish could end with a really ugly result in the big picture.

    Just saying, that key words should stay as they are to help the general learning of the engine, for example "MovingAngle", it doesn't need translation, the description in spanish is enough.

    Changing key words like "Layout" could be quite a headache if someone starts C3 with english tutorials, leaving it as that, helps a lot for new users in any lenguage. Also when looking for help in the forum, since those words will be familiar for all, because they could be translating the word "Escena" to "scene" when trying to say "layout" in english in the forum...

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  • The point of the translations is for someone with zero knowledge of English at all to be able to use the software. Currently we have a lot of bilingual users since historically Construct has only been in English, which probably means it seems easy enough if some terms are still in English. However if you don't know a word of English, something like "MovingAngle" may as well be "abcdefgh". Translating it should at least convey the gist of what it means, even if it's an unusual term or something.

    I mentioned in another post we may add a setting to leave expression names in English, and another exception might be any technical terms that have become de-facto standard in other languages.

  • Ok! i'll continue with that then

    Just to add some experience, there were before other lenguages with this experiment:

    • Phyton in spanish, didn't went well but schools used it to introduce kids to programming skills
    • as i said Unreal4, but the public was really unconfortable so it's currently under revision
    • Scratch, a software specific for introducing kids, it had quite a good result here.
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