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  • Hello everyone!

    The purpose of this forum is to serve as a place where educators who are interested in or currently use Construct 2 can discuss their ideas and make connections with each other.

    We'd love to find out where you all come from, if you're an educator who currently uses Construct 2 please tell us about yourself!

  • Great idea! I look forward to reading about the experiences of educators using C2!

  • Greetings. It�s nice to see this new space dedicated to the use of C2 as a teaching tool.

    I teach in a "Videogame Workshop" class of the VG Development career at a College in C�rdoba, Argentina (Colegio Universitario IES).

    The goal of the class is to develop a game for a ecologic organization. The students may choose any development platform they want and C2 is their favorite choice!

  • Hi ! My name is Antonio Marcelo I?m a teacher of the High School "Nave" (Advanced Core of Education) here in Brasil at Rio de Janeiro. We have a technical course here of Game Programming and we use Construct since 2011 in our Game Design classes for prototyping many games.

    Now I?m working in a Game Design book and I chosed Construcct for example tool. That?s it!

  • Awesome idea!

    Now I?m working in a Game Design book and I chosed Construcct for example tool. That?s it!

    I'd really like to check on your book when it's out. ;)

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  • I run the Games Design courses at Nescot college, Surrey. UK. We use Construct 2 for our 2D engine of choice. The students love it. And so do I !

  • wow I loved the new sub-forum :D

    I hope to always participate

  • I'm not actively teaching, but my wife teaches gifted and talented students in Maryland, USA and she's always interested in providing venues for creativity and logical thinking. Additionally, my first real C2 project is a less-than-serious "serious game" to teach the operating principles of a data analysis organization.

  • Hello, my name is Gabriel Mackievicz Telles, from Brazil.

    I am a Civil Engineer Senior from a Local Company, and I do calculate various type of buildings and special building, for Commercial, Highways, and Industrial purposes.

    I teach kids for free, one time by month, on Saturdays.

    These kids are 12 years old and they are from schools of my region from Curitiba - PR.

    A time ago, I translated Construct 2 and the translation was shared on the IGMBrasil.com, but I decided to give up of this activity because the spare time was oriented to other purposes.

    Here they learn the basics of Construct 2, using the Free version and the Template of my signature, and when one of them demonstrates very interested in learning, I teach other types of games, orienting by email, Skype, forum and personally.

    This year I would make a free Game Class exclusively for kids 10 years old, because the interest on each one vary, but the average curiosity on each age is similar, so, girls of 10 years old, likes to customize the doll with different clothes and then take a screenshot, while when 12 years old, they like Farmville, arcade, etc.

    The main difficult here are the computers, they are very expensive, so, I did a huge fundraising from locals, and started to teach with three used computers, with CTR monitors, plus, I bought three more from my pocket and, it was donated.

    I believe we still learning, especially when one have curiosity and someone else have the benevolence of give you a hand.

    Therefore, hope someone come to Brazil, and visit my city, give me a "Hello".

  • Now I?m working in a Game Design book and I chosed Construcct for example tool. That?s it!

    That does sound awesome! I'm a student educator and game design student at my school! I would love to see the book if you're interested in sharing!

  • I teach 3D animation & rigging for games at George Brown college in Toronto. I introduced Construct 2 to my students for one of their assignments, and most of them loved it from the start. It's a really great way to get ideas up and running.

  • Hi !

    The book will be in Brazilian Portuguese, but I can talk with my publisher for an International version in English...

  • Hi, I'm glad to see finally there is a place for tutors using C2 as a teaching tool!

    greatings from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland - from Animation and Interaction class at Graphic Design branch.

    We started initial task on aplying character design and animation to simple games made with C2 - it's a really fun!

  • From Brasil here too o/

    I use construct to teach some basic game concepts in workshops and things like that. I doing my master degree in game design and work in a game company being creative director, this way I have some invites to try to spread the game concept to so many people around the city and some close cities.

  • I use Construct 2 extensively with my students studying 2D Game Development in Western Australia.

    We have a Moodle course setup which consists of 20 weeks. Throughout the course the students create the following:

    1. The Ghostshooter tutorial by Scirra

    2. A Water Rescue game tutorial (created by me)

    3. Save the Monkeys tutorial (copy uploaded to this site)

    4. The Jungle Platformer tutorial by Scirra

    5. Making and Animating own sprites tutorial (created by me)

    6. The students then work on their first assessment - a platformer based on 4. above, using their own backgrounds, sprites, music and adding/changing some of the functionality

    7. Creating a Physics based game and exporting to an Android phone (a youtube tutorial)

    8. The Monkey Jump tutorial (copy uploaded to this site)

    9. A game tutorial covering particle effects (created by me)

    10. Students then work on a second assessment which uses physics as a basis for their game

    This all works very well and the students enjoy using Construct 2. We had previously used Gamemaker in the past, but Construct 2 is much better in my opinion.

    The only problem I found was ensuring that the students download (at home) and use the same version that is set up in the computer labs at the college to ensure that their games work at both locations. It is difficult to get our IS department to update the software in the computer labs as often as a new version becomes available.

    Other than that, fabulous software!!

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