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  • Hi, I'm a part time teacher at the Hobart Polytechnic (in Oz <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle">). I mostly teach web development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL), but do a little intro to programming stuff too. I'd love to introduce Construct 2 to my courses. I know my students would take to it, and they'd learn a lot too... I've just got to figure out how to fit it into our curriculum. Fortunately for me, the subject descriptions that I'm given to teach to are delightfully vague. For example: Create dynamic web pages could use just about anything that displays a generated page, including a web based Construct 2 game

  • Hey Mazzran,

    Is it possible you would be interested in sharing the contents of the Moodle - perhaps zipped. I'm hoping you may have them in Word or PDF docs that can be edited. I want to start a course for upper primary students in our local feeder primary schools (I'm on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland incidentally).

    I was hoping to get some existing tutorials, edit them up for the primary aged, then repost on here for others to then use.



  • Hi Graham

    Unfortunately, I am not allowed to give out the tutorials etc that I have created for the students attending our college. But you could follow a similar plan to what I have listed above if that would help. You can find quite a lot of complete tutorials on this site and also some on youtube.

    Hope this helps!

  • Its great to see so many people using Construct 2 in the classroom!

    I am a high school physics teacher in Illinois, USA. Until a few weeks ago when we discovered Construct 2, we had been using GameSalad as a modeling and simulation tool, which worked really well for our second-year physics students. A week and a half ago I gave Construct 2 to those students and tasked them with building a useful simulation for our iPad-based classes similar to those available at phet.colorado.edu. I will post the results of the challenge later this week.

    I am curious to see lesson plans. In particular I am looking to use Construct 2 in two ways:

    1. As a creative tool (e.g. create a short game to demonstrate an idea)

    2. As a modeling and simulation tool (e.g. create a system of planets, modify the rules of gravity and see what happens)

    My pipe dream is to use Construct 2 to develop a physics simulation creation tool that is simple enough for 10-year-olds with low math skills to use but is powerful enough to teach physics modeling to high school students. Maybe next summer. :)

  • I have been using Construct-2 to teach Chemistry and Physics to my 12-year old godson over the internet.

    Without Construct2 I would not have dared to teach him about the following subject: Sun's Nucleosynthesis

    Here is a YouTube video explaining the using my Construct2 program:


    The simulation is here


    You might say: That is too much for a 12-year old, but he is fluent in English and Chinese. A person who can learn such complicated languages should have no problem acquiring the vocabulary of Chemistry. (Chemistry as a second language).

    Please let me know what you think?

    Eckart Mildenstein

  • Thats Awesome idea. For example

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    written by Katie Salen.                                                  If you read those book I think you will be a good game designer. so read those book to now about game design.

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  • Hey, I am also new to this forum. I love to join education forum. I love to share and join discussion to get help and information about problems and their solutions.

  • hello everyone..

    it's a very good forum site

  • Aloha kakou,

    I am a teacher in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Trying to get the kids interested in making games instead of just playing the games.

    Aloha, Puhi

  • I love the idea of building games that teach and/or improve other skills. I've seen some creative games that can help people improve their math skills, increase typing speed, and of course there's the classic Memory game. I think if the game is enticing and clever, it can get people to learn without knowing they are doing it.

    I think DDR is a fantastic example because you're playing "Simon Says" and getting an amazing workout (improved reflaxes?) while you do it. Rock Band and similar concepts appear to be great reflex drills as well. Another example that I saw online was a drag racing game where you had to solve several math problems to propel your car. The more difficult the problem you solved, the more thrust you provided to the car. I also recall a typing game that required you to type in a word written on the top of an enemy ship that approached yours. If you typed the word correctly, your ship destroyed the enemy. I'm sure there are several fantastic ideas out there. I have a few of my own and plan to explore them. I may post a few just to get input or suggestions if you all think they would be worth pursuing.

    Since I am not an educator, but would like to help folks who want to better educate children, are there any concepts that stand out in your minds that could benefit from a "game"-oriented teaching method?

    Kindest Regards,


  • Hello everyone, I am so glad to find a dedicated forum for educators! I am Luca Morini, an italian Ph.D. Student in education and communication on a quest for the Holy Grail of community based game design, or "world making", as I like to call it quoting good old Neil Postman. I really do think that creating games together is a step toward a deeper and more critical systemic awareness, and I'm currently building a "wiki" resource on cooperative game design starting from what game discussion, modification and development communities have done...Sadly I am currently unable to post links, though I have a "World Makers Assemble!" thread in the development and design section dedicated to it. I hope I'll be able to soon build reputation enough to share my work with you all!

  • jungle platformer game where the file?

  • Hi all,

    I new here, I have an e-learning background and am looking into ways to incorporate games and gamification in to our modules to help teach children.

    This looks like a great place for me to start learning how to build some simple games.



  • Ever thought about making a course on Construct 2 on KhanAcademy? Would be awesome!

  • That's what I am thinking. Then I could embed it into one of my e-learning courses!

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