Zelda A Hero's Journey

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  • Hi all, although this is a game i will finish, i intend to make my own game using my own art work, so this is a test to see if i can pull of what it takes. This is my first major project which is my version of the awesome Zelda games, i'm using sprites from a zelda game. I will be releasing a demo version of an area called Midori Village, this is Link's home village. The full game will feature the following:

    . Day and night cycles that will open up different quests.

    . Different enemies will walk the map depending on day/night cycle.

    . Mini games for fun which will include animal racing,cards,hide and seek,fishing,hunt for items and foot races(some of these the player can bet to earn more rupees). Some of these will be integrated into quests whilst other will be just for fun.

    . A variety of missions both main and side quest.

    . Several shops to buy and sell items.

    . A variety of weapons and upgrades


    Links village's basic layout is finished, which contain the follwing features:

    Collisions are now in place as well as z-ordering.

    An enemies patrol AI is finished but is not onscreen at the moment

    All weapons work and most items

    New inventory look

    Grass can be cut for rupees(can be collected)

    Gaming house were you can play mini games for a fee (1 of 5 games playable)



    Some visual aspects have now been completed (for user friendlyness) (ON GOING)

    Animations of moves now tweeked

    3/5 mini games now playable in gaming house

    Basic damage control from all weapons & swords (NOW COMPLETED)

    Enemy health bars appear as they are hit then disappear after short time (NOW COMPLETED)

    Basic NPC's villagers walk routes (NOW COMPLETED)



    Implementing enemies, AI and damage control from weapons(ON GOING)

    Weapon effecs fire,ice,trials etc (NOW COMPLETED)

    Visual effects and consequences on enemies depending on weapon used,(set on fire,freeze etc) (NOW COMPLETED)

    Will update video link show new implementations in next few days.


  • Any updates on this project?

  • 3 mini games are now playable but nothing else major, sorted most animation on moves and made a few tweeks here and there and visual updates. I will be posting a video of the updated version soon.


  • I am also interested on this, I would like to create RPG games using Construct 2. How is the project doing?

  • This is going to take a lot of works to finish it, anyway good luck to your endeavor

  • awesome

  • Nice work!

  • send a tutorial on how to make zelda for my gmail please ([julianojuliano100@gmail.com]) if you send follow all your web pages

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  • Very nice work LI0NHART

  • great idea

  • Wow! Looks really, really cool. I love games like this.

  • I hope this is going well for you. Your inventory tutorial led me here.

  • Can you make a video tutorial ?

  • Beautiful!

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