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  • thx for to explain a bit about how to run ur own server? i tried to change the channel to localhost or (the ip address on which the server is running)then on server.js change port to 8099 but it always says login failed or stuck on connecting..


    I guess, uh.

    You might need assign server address to




    depend on what plugin you use

  • thx!it was actually http://hostname:port/game or lobby

  • I installed all plugins, compiled sucsesfully MiniTown.capx (channel in bottleneck was, uploaded all files to hosting

    and got err 'Login failed!'

    What I missed?

  • zergqq

    I re-export minitown.capx again. It could connect to server successfully(the server still alive). I'm not sure what happened.

  • I redownloaded everything, and its works now -.-

  • how can i compile thios code so i can run it on my own server?

  • The server code is running at node.js, so you need to install node.js on your server, them type

    node server.js

    Google "node.js" to get more detail.

  • can you explain in detail how to make a server on heroku with node.js. i see the lines that need to be modified but what do you have to do when creating an account on heroku and running the server like you did. I was able to get the capx project working off an ftp server with your server address. i installed the heroku toolbelt and am now struggling with the installation of node.js and npm. I assume i will work my way through but where do we put the server code that you posted? on heroku? is it a file upload area like ftp on godaddy?

    the example you did is great and your help would be much appreciate

  • siki

    Sorry, I don't have enough time to explain in detail.

    The source code of server was shown in first post in this thread. For more detail, you might ask google.

  • Hi

    Awsome ,

    It's realy an amazing solution rexrainbow.

    but i still have 'login failed' ..

    please can you upload the last capx files on a new dropbox link because this one "" is dead :)

    Also i don't understand the difference between MiniTown_npc.capx and MiniTown.capx.(or you just used 2 ways ??)

    I know you are busy :p

  • SuperMoi


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  • Thanks !! i will try it right now :)

  • Hi,

    A newbie here. Your demo is awesome, but I'm trying to run the capx or make my own, and I always get "Login failed". Even from Construct 2 or exporting and uploading to dropbox.

    The BN channel is set to

    (what is this? do I need an heroku account? where can I find some help on bottleneck plugin?)

    I've tried your examples at:

    and works fine, so it's not browser problem.

    What can I do? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />



  • A very nooby question regarding "user join":

    I don't know how the rexrainbow's node.js server works, but it seems to be that at some point it stops registering users. In the rexrainbow's example it says "Login to lobby failed". After a while it starts working again. Is it somehow connected to heroku? If I'll install the server locally, would it solve the problem? Is it possible to reset the server manually somehow?

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