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  • ahh I'm loving Construct! Downloaded yesterday, did the top down shooter tutorial and I'm hooked!

    Two of my favorite top-down racers were Micro Machines and Turbosliders, so I'm aiming to combine the two somehow, there's still lots left to do (timer, better graphics etc).. but here's my little racer!

    Controls are qa (forward/break) op (left/right).


  • How do you turn? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • O = Left, P = right :)

  • The controls are pretty terrible to be honest, who will want to drive with q,a,o and p?

    people will want to use the arrow keys.

  • Feels nice! I also was a huge fan of Micro Machines :) I agree with smitchell though the controls are unusual

  • Thanks for the feedback! The controls were just my personal preference :) I've added cursor keys as well, and collision in the tunnel.

  • Looks promising - I havent seen many games utilise the car behaviour. Its very fun :)

  • Thanks Genki :)

    I've start from scratch, but I think I've put too many of the same sprite in as I'm getting lag spikes but it works fairly well. Thanks to Ubivis for his lap code!

    Had to put a delay before Layout 2 loads, something wrong with my timer.

    Anyway here it is :)

  • Hi qster,

    Your game look really cool. It reminds me a game I had on my Super Nintendo when I was a kid. But I think the car goes to fast when you are on the road. that is why I can't help but crash every 3 seconds! I think another reason is because I suck :)

  • Hey qster

    I was amazed about the drifting this car can do.

    I'd like to share a thought.


    A drift/race button would be nice.

    So when people push a handbrake button, the game changes steering modes to drifting, enabling the player to drift even more.

    Then when the player releases the handbrake button the car enters race steering mode.

    Les sharp turns that is.

    The player then can can go faster in race mode without crashing by simply "wanting" to steer slightly.


    Zooming in when nearing a curve, so the player can enjoy the drift even more.

    Zooming out when on straight, so the player can look further ahead and try to go as fast as he can!

    Check the Zoom link and the capx re-posted by Kyatric if u like.

    Its awesome.

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  • Hi Savvy,

    I like the idea of a key to drift but I'm a noob here!

    I'm having a reoccurring problem with other things, to change into 'drift mode' I'm setting on key down - set drift to 50. trouble is that sets it to always drift after that. It's also the same when you go onto the grass, it sets the car into a slower speed and will continue that way.

    Do you (or anyone reading!) to do something like 'while key is down - change speed to xx' or 'while over object - change speed too xx' then revert when not over the object.

    ? :)

    and actually the same goes for the zoom, I can set it to zoom but no gently zoom out afterwards.

  • Im builden a Example for u.

    It already has full drift and race switching.

    A: U can make drift donuts with it, when keeping the pedal to the medal and handbraking <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    B: The same is for drifting through corners like in Fast & Furious tokyo drift.

    C: U can do handbrake slides by only using hand brake.

    D: U can race truly fast with it when not touching the handbrake because steering is then automaticly reverted to race mode with less steering speed.

    E: When normal in race mode braking the car just slows down.

    I'l now work on the zoom part.

    I'l upload it in about 2 hours.

    Then u can (study it) and build it yourself.

    Or simply copy and paste the controls to your own capx and tweek it there <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Wow thanks Savvy!

    Slight problem.. just a small one, I have just uploaded the latest version and it doesn't work anymore.. doesn't load.. nada! <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • If u have downloaded the latest beta release and u have exported the project to check it on a server, and now it does not work.

    Then it is good to know its a beta release bug.


    Save your game as "project"

    Then open the folder on your drive.

    Then download Notepad ++

    Then open the "your game name".capx

    Then search for the line (<saved-with-version>8100</saved-with-version>)in the top of the file.

    And change the number 8100 to 8002

    Then save the file.

    Go to Scirra release

    Then download release r80.2

    Install it

    Then open the "your game name".capx u have just altered.

    Then save it again as a single file to your drive.

    Back it up!

    Now u can export your games again and play them on your server.

    Keep this in mind for the future beta releases.

    And then just stay with the r80.2 release until this specific bug is fixed by the scirra team.

  • The Example im building for u is taking a bit longer.

    Im adding some nice car handling features to it.

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