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  • Phewf! thanks, it's alive again :)

    Added but not finished a water track (comes after 3 laps of the first race) - and also a rogue police car to avoid on the first track.

  • Nice!

  • Example demo

    Here it is <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    The demo has a layout sise of 8000 x 8000

    So all the speed settings are adjusted to that.

    A smaller layout = faster, so the speed settings react different if u copy paste the events in game with a smaller layout.

    In other words : It needs to be tweeked when u copy paste this to your event sheet.

    Have fun and please let me know what u think.

    Kyatric (u can put this one in the how to page if u like.

  • Updated the example file with

    A: Better handling.

    B: Smoke while burnout.

    C: Smoke while drifting.

    D: Exhaust smoke

    F: Smoke burst when the car changes gear (In fiction)

    G: Tire rubber when braking.

    H: When in reverse the steering switches.

    Have fun with it

  • Errr... errrr! wow! :D

    This is just awesome, thanks Savvy.

    So now you realise I have to re-make everything so it's as high quality as your code right? gee thanks! ;)

    Came up with a nice way for me to make 3D graphics, but it was at 3am so didn't get much done. I'll carry on for most of the day and update the game later tonight.

    Thanks again!

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  • Thank u 2 for the inspiration!

    Looking forward to your game.

  • For some reason i uploaded the wrong Capx with no tire skids and gear change particles and other stuff.

    Now i have!

    Download Capx

  • This brings back memories of the Micro Machine days on the Atari STFM/Amiga 500. Nice work.. have you thought about adding a speedometre GUI and maybe add some pickups like fuel?

  • Music track is very nice, really good use of arpeggios, I'm curious what tools you used to compose it?

  • igdtools - exactly what I intended, I had so much fun on Micro machines back in the day :)

    Have not thought much about pickups or fuel but I like the idea, I'm still busy creating the tracks. I'll keep that in mind though I like the idea!

  • cacotigon, the music comes with the free pack of gfx/sounds and music on Scirra, which I could have claimed it as my own but it's not :)

  • I was hoping to make more time for this but I thought I'd show the latest version, still have not implemented any of Savvy's controls but I will!

    3 maps, Chase / Water / Space

    Works best in Chrome!

    [edit! I put wrong link up, should be 02]

    Now in 800 x 600, added a restart button and by mistake a weird effect on the space map :D

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