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On the Edge is a puzzle game where you have 40 levels to have fun with.
  • hi everyone! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    i've downloaded Construct 2 and "played" with it a bit, it's suprisingly interesting!

    So i have an idea in mind: A TCG. Multiplayer one, and in Facebook.

    i have made the rule, and currently working in making the cards' sprites. and will develop it with construct 2, along with some of my friend.

    <img src="http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk74/Gandhoelz/Edge50.png" border="0" />

    all you need to play is a ready to play LoE TCG Deck and a friend to paly with.

    The Playing Mat (still mockup, sorry <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/UlpWk.png" border="0" />

    Front Slot: Front Line where the Hero / Ally(s) fight with the enemy. Hero / Ally can only attack the enemy in front of him. (example: if A attacks, which received damage is 1, then if the damage got through, it goes to 2, and if it goes directly to opponent's Deity )

    Support Slot: Support Section which did not take part in the battle, but it gives buff / support on the character in front of it (example: D, can not be attacked or attacking, but it could give support to A and B. The same thing applies to E, but given the effects are B and C)

    Guard Slots: back line in which they served as the last bastion of Defense to Deity. Hero / Ally in this slot can not attack

    (Front, Support, and the Guard slot can be filled by Hero / Ally)

    Deity Slot: a place for "god" who led the fight, with its HP as a bet.

    Deck: deck of cards where you draw a card, at the draw phase or from a card effect.

    Cemetery: a place for Hero / Ally that his HP reaches 0, or any used cards that should be sent to the cemetery.

    Damage Slot: A place for Counter(s) that you receive as a result of enemy attacks to your Deity. Counter each worth 100 damage.

    LoE Cards

    <img src="http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee377/SD_Exia/1-1.png" border="0" />

    Card Type:

    Deity - Hero - Ally - Equipment - Boost

    Deity: only have a copy, and do not included into the deck

    Hero: only be a copy

    Ally may take up to 4 copies

    Equipment up to 4 copies

    Boost max 4 copies, may only have 8 boost on each deck

    each deck consists of minimum 50 cards, and maximum cards inside a deck is 60 (deity not included)

    Hero card

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/pT6p5.png" border="0" />

    (still a mockup <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

    "H" inside the black circle means that this card is a Hero card

    "4" inside the red circle means that damage counters needed to "hire" this card is 4 Damage Counters

    The Lightning and the dog paw inside the blue and yellow circle show this card's type and race

    ATK: shows this cards strength, and how many damage it will give to your opponent.

    HP: shows this card's vitality. when it goes to 0 through your opponent's attack or card effect, it goes to the Cemetery.

    each Hero Cards have its own unique skill.

    Ally Card (under development ^^)

    just like Hero card, buta way weaker. some Ally card(s) even dont have any effect.

    Equipment Card (also under development ^^)

    is a card you "equip" to Hero/Ally card(s) to give power up to them. There are some equip cards that is Hero exclusive.

    Boost Card (again, under development)

    a card that its effect is only applied in the turn it is activated. contains a mass buffing effect.

    Deity card (under development)

    a card which always have 1000 HP and is placed at the far back of the field. it have unique skills which is activable after you receive certain Damage Counters. but when its HP drops to 0, you lose the game.

    How to Play

    after determining the turn, put Deity card directly to the Deity Card Slot, shuffle the deck, then draw 5 cards. After it entered the first turn:


    Draw Phase: Draw a card

    Phase Strategy: hire Ally / Hero in the Front, Support, and Guard

    re-adjust the position of Ally / Hero who has been hired Front section, Support, and Guard

    -plug equipment into Ally / Hero

    Boost Phase: Boost cards played from the hand

    Attack Phase:-only Hero / Ally in Front Slot that can strike

    -there are 2 types of Attack: Frontal / Stealth

    -Frontal Attack: Attack Hero / Ally in the Front slot, if it goes through, the rest of the damage will be forwarded to the Guard. If goes through again, the rest of the damage will be channeled to the Deity

    -Stealth: flip a coin, if heads, the attack would be aimed directly into the Guard in front of him. When goes through, will be channeled directly to the Deity

    (If the Hero / Attack Ally states, and there was no Hero / Ally on the Front Line is confronted, counted as a frontal attack and damage is channeled directly to the Guard / Deity if there is also no Guard)

    -If the Deity taking damage, the player must perform Damage Check, by pulling the top card on their deck, reveal, and put it at damage counter. If at the time of checking damage, which is revealed is a Boost card, damage is not acceptable, but all the cards to be a Damage Counter direveal will be sent to the Cemetery

    Each 1 damage counter-worth 100 damage

    • All cards that HP was 0, will be sent to the Cemetery.

    Encore Phase: - Deity may receive an additional 200 damage to restore a Hero / Ally is sent to the Cemetery in this phase, but when checking damages draw cards Boost, Boost card and the other cards checked are still counted as Damage Damage Counter

    End Phase: an end your turn and begin the opponent's

    -If the Deity receives damage equal to / more than the HP-owned, Player declared lost.

    -If the Player can not draw more cards from the deck, allowed to struggle with the rest of the existing card, OR receives 2 damage counters, at which time checking damages draw cards Boost, Boost card and the other cards checked are still counted as Damage Damage Counter


    wew, loads of typing ^^

    hope you get some interests in this concept, and help us, if able

    sorry for my bad english.

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  • I love your project, reminds me of being a kid. In the past (elementary school :D) i had some ideas about a TCG game, but didn't big like your. Your project has a interesting concept, can't wait to see the completed game.

    Just PM me if you need some graphics, i'll draw some for you(free of course). Here's my deviantart: Deviantart

  • NachtEinhorn

    looks incredible so far. i hope you see it through. i would love to see this on facebook.

    and like 01lifeleft this reminds me of my younger, full of ideas, youth.

    i love seeing a tool empower peoples thoughts, ideas and dreams.

    i guess i'm just soft that way...lol.

  • aww guys, thank you!

    and , sure, i would really need some help in graphics, ecspecially backgrounds (i cant draw one and only 2 of my friend involved in this project can!) i think i'll contact you later.

    .... i can't progress much because of college though :( so i forgot to write that this project maybe become the slow one

    --sorry for the bad english--

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