War 2112 isometric arena shooter, pre beta

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  • Hello, I already uploaded a version of this game a while back, but this is a heavy update, and I changed the name

    This is a prebeta, I hope to have an official beta up tomorrow

    I plan on demoing this to Kongregate, so please leave (useful) feedback

    There is one glitch I need to fix i plan on uploading again later today, when you look at the score screen the head display is incorrect.

    and i plan on putting a little more into the tutorial ( Press x to view scoreboard, use number keys to switch weapons etc)

    I changed a lot of thing since last time

    You can blow up walls with rocket laucher, and BHG ( for starters)

    and AI changes

    The game is quite fun, but a bit cpu intensive

    <font color=blue>UPDATE: reduced AI speed, changed GUI, fixed AI spawning with weapons that were disabled in game setup</font>



    Change log:

    Added Flamer, Rocket launcher, and BHG, and added alt fire mode to the plasmagun ( alt fire is now a laser)

    BHG alt shoots sticky slime

    weapon graphics added

    Official first level, The Space Station.

    Improved AI

    Changed some effect graphics

    Fixed weapon spawning, and unit spawning glitches.

    Team Games work properly now

    Fixed some text display glitches

    added destructable walls ( level border walls are indestructable)

    What this game has that most games dont

    8 fun weapons each with an alternate fire ( some more creative than others)

    Destructible walls, ( can be blown up with rocket launcher or BHG Gun)

    AI dictates your movement when shooting as a player would shoot at where his moving target is going to be, not where it is.

    Full customization over the game, what weapons can spawn, teams, and starting health.

  • Oh I forgot, fully customizable character

    (12 different skins + you can mix and match specific parts)

    and game modes

    TDM ( 2-4 teams)

    or DM

  • The AI is very fast here ;]

    The graphics could use some clean up, the GUI and the player?s, it?s a bit confusing right now

  • Comon people this is serious

    really awesome game here thats about to be demoed at kongregate, feedback is essential.

    noones going to even point out the glitches are they?

    il see if anyones smart enough to find the glitches.

  • i tried the other day, it takes waaay to long to load, i just gave up,

    +1 minute and counting

    how big is your exported folder? its probably between 50 and 70mb

  • so i sit the download thru, the biggest error or flaw besides downloadtime

    is that the enemy's are attacking and running waaaay to fast, unplayable on my system, so you should probably fix that with deltatime

    besides that the weapons and customiseble characters and iso level are cool

  • Extremely long download indeed. Another thing, you should probably do some research on UI/UX, in order to make it a better experience for the player.

  • Yes it is a bit of a DL, and big export, I hope this doesnt scare off too many players, I think what I am struggling with the most about this is, its this big of a file size when I only have 1 level, I havent even created the other levels yet.

  • I agree, the download was very, very long. And then I got to the main screen with the big 'play' button and that is as far as I could get. For some reason I couldn't click on it or do anything. Perhaps the game doesn't work well in IE9?

  • I dont know, i only test it on fire fox and google chrome

  • I'll go into more detail about the UI.

    Overall the art resembles something from the 90's, which could be ok if it is intended, but aesthetically you break alot of design principles overall.

    • Over 50% of the first screen is a low-res border, which is not a good thing.
    • The button seems out of place, and does not fit the theme you're after. - When interacting with the button, there is no visual feedback. An easy and common way around this is to change the sprite/light it up when the mouse is hovering over it.

    On the second screen there is also a few points.

    • I am presented with a screen with an overload of information, which visually asks for my interaction. I have on the other hand no idea what the game is about, and definitely not what the consequences of my actions here will be.
    • The overall color palette is way off, with alot of different colors. With a pop-up visible, i can see at least 10 different colors. You only need a few, and in my example below i can show u my GUI, which uses 1 single base color.
    • Some of the pop-up windows have a close button, and some dont. This is breaking the flow in the design.

    The character customization screen is ok, but it still resembles the same UI flaws as described above.

    In-game it is a mess, with text hovering everywhere, inconsistent art and barely visible vital elements.

    • The weapons are barely visible, because of its background on the icons.
    • The pause and the options button is not centered, and its placement is not ideal.
    • The colors of the text visible (for example equipped weapons) is white, and on top of a light background it does not fit in well.
    • There is also alot of information on the screen which doesnt make any sense for the player.

    Apart from the crazy AI which runs immensely fast all over and one-shots you, you seem to have a lot of base and potential on the technical side. For it to be a good game you must think of the presentation of it, and an art revision (or help from an artist) would really lift the game. The GUI and HUD also needs alot of work. Its all about wrapping it together, with a coherent look.

    Think of the player/consumer, and how they will perceive the game. In its current state i would most likely reject this game upon seeing the first screens, if i were to find this game on the web.

    Here is some examples of the UI i recently made for my project.

    <img src="http://bildr.no/image/1209927.jpeg" border="0">

    Image 1

    <img src="http://bildr.no/image/1209928.jpeg" border="0">

    Image 2

    <img src="http://bildr.no/image/1209929.jpeg" border="0">

    Image 3

    I'm not saying my UI is perfect, and it most likely wouldnt fit your game with that style, but its tidy and somewhat correct, and illustrates how you can create a UI with 1-2 base colors.

  • It looks pretty cool to me. the ai is really fast like everyone says but im sure you're not done with the game.

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  • updated, reduced the AI running speed, and changed GUI

    the link can be found here


    and in original post.

  • your game needs deltatime, without it, the playability wont improve,

    even the gunrange is affected, because our framerate is much larger, the bullets or lazers are stopped way to soon...

    ps the button color is better, but you should look out for text and button alignment

  • UPDATE: slowed enemy movement again slightly

    fixed glitch where AI units would use weapons that were disabled in game set up

    put a timer on when you could click remove the scoreboard on the end of the game so no accidental removals, letting you view the score at the end of the round.

    Link can be found here:


    and in original post.

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