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    Semiformal Studios, a small indie startup from Fresno, California had been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to present their game Ensemble Online at E3 this year. Their windfall included a great number of E3 industry passes and being incredibly generous guys, they are giving away these passes to other indies so that they too can spread word about their games at E3.

    As such, they have set up a website known as Indies Crash E3 where you can vote for deserving Indie teams to attend E3. As mentioned on their website, these guys are "not looking to give some 50-man team another leg up". They instead would love "to help the garage-dwelling, midnight-coding, bootstrapping indies: the little guys", and their motto - "The Indier, the Better".

    With that thought in mind, we would like to inform you that Indies Crash E3 has given GamesWarp Studio an advanced invitation to be nominated for two of our Construct 2 projects:

    <font size="6">Belter 2198</font>

    Our sandbox strategy simulation game takes you to the year 2198 and the frontier of the future - the Asteroid Belt. Prepare to mine resources in this sci-fi game by carving out caverns in an asteroid with the help of your spaceship. Place structures from 6 building categories. Watch astronauts flit around your base. Defend against nefarious pirates and mysterious aliens as you uncover the secrets of the Asteroid Belt.

    With only two members in the team, this game is as indie as indie gets.

    Vote for Belter 2198 here.


    <font size="6">Project Neumann</font>

    This project is a joint development with to produce a series of games (there are 4 now) with a serious application: The purpose of Project Neumann is to shift current Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) practice treatment paradigms by simultaneously training specific cognitive domains and meta-cognitive abilities (boosting far-transfer cognitive learning, and treatment autonomy) that are not fully addressed by drug therapies while also being fun, immersive, and engaging. We will accomplish this goal by targeting three specific cognitive skills: attention, planning, and inhibitory control.

    There are currently 3 members working on Project Neumann, one from GamesWarp Studio, and two from Neuro-Games (both of whom are studying in the field of neuro psychology).

    Help us by voting for Project Neumann here!

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    You can also find this news release at the website for GamesWarp Studio.

    Thank you,

    Gavin GamesWarp

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