A Villain's Demise

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  • Hey! Another Ludum Dare is over, and I'm glad i participated once again. It has been an awesome event, and i clocked in around 16 hours of work this time, with alot more knowledge in my backpack!

    <img src="http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l268/Erachon/mainSS_zps18eda4d4.png" border="0">

    Click here to play! - Click here to see the LD entry page - Click here to learn more!

    <font size="5">

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    Worked alot on tweaking the controls, getting the double-jump right, and the slow-time mechanic. It turned out fine, and i hope you enjoy it! Use "Esc" to return to the menu, or "R" to restart the level.

    Whats your highest score?


    The game now supports highscores at the Scirra Arcade! Click here to play!

  • I like your games, I like the graphic style you have.

  • linkaevolution Thanks alot!

  • Liked it!

    I like your graphics style.

    Game looks and feels good, nice gameplay.

    P.S. Issue with browser scrolling on spacebar (and down key) is solved by adding event "On key Spacebar pressed -> no actions"

  • Very good Art style!And generally very well-polished.

  • Nice work

  • This was pleasant surprise, grapichs are nice and fits perfectly, also I like the idea of hero and the villain working together. Controlling villain, who is not bad guy actually, instead hero was refreshing.

    I cant really say anything bad, fun and simple game with solid presentation.

  • Nice game :)

  • Cool!!!

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  • that's gorgeous. I love how you managed to do the art to be so stunning without being so complex. I guess that's the mind of how artists work. It's not about the how well it's drawn, but use of colours and theme... I guess.

  • Thanks for the warm comments guys!

    teerex - Yeah that was an issue, but now I simply changed the input to another button. Should have thought about it earlier though, considering the screen size!

    jayderyu - Thanks for the feedback. Yeah sometimes things doesnt have to be complex. And you might say i specialize in utilizing limited color palettes for my games :)

  • Just a heads up!

    The game has been slightly improved and balanced, and is now playable over at Clay.io! Check it out, it supports achievements and leaderboards!

  • I was impressed with the visuals. Looked crisp even with the large scale and the controls are smooth. It needs sound effect though to give the game that Impact. That jolt if you will that excites and rewards.

  • Love the art style of this. Great game as well :)

  • Ahhh this is so good, really addicted. I've filled up the high-score table haha.

    Some constructive observations:

    • I'd like to see the weapons 'power up' before firing so I can be more strategic where I jump. A purpley red glow that gets brighter just before firing would fit in nicely with your palette, whilst still drawing attention to them.
    • I found slowing down time to be more inhibitive so I never used it. With the purpose of jumping continuously, you're always looking to jump on the next platform, but this slows them down. I'd lose that ability personally.
    • To add urgency to having only one life, if the UI could throb and some sound plays. I could see myself jumping around in a frenzied panic if that happened.
    • There's a deep satisfaction in nearly dying and then being able to get back to full life. I think you could play on that if you spawned more life pickups when on low life.
    • I found myself going from three lives to none very quickly if getting hit by a lot of stuff at once. Adding a longer period of invincibility after getting hit should fix that.

    Really great game, I got properly sucked in :)

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