A Villain's Demise

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  • Ahhh this is so good, really addicted. I've filled up the high-score table haha.

    Some constructive observations:

    - I'd like to see the weapons 'power up' before firing so I can be more strategic where I jump. A purpley red glow that gets brighter just before firing would fit in nicely with your palette, whilst still drawing attention to them.

    - I found slowing down time to be more inhibitive so I never used it. With the purpose of jumping continuously, you're always looking to jump on the next platform, but this slows them down. I'd lose that ability personally.

    - To add urgency to having only one life, if the UI could throb and some sound plays. I could see myself jumping around in a frenzied panic if that happened.

    - There's a deep satisfaction in nearly dying and then being able to get back to full life. I think you could play on that if you spawned more life pickups when on low life.

    - I found myself going from three lives to none very quickly if getting hit by a lot of stuff at once. Adding a longer period of invincibility after getting hit should fix that.

    Really great game, I got properly sucked in :)

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm gonna go straight to work altering it based on your feedback.

    The time-slow seems to be counter-intuitive indeed. It was something i added towards the end of the jam, just to have "a cool feature", and the game wasnt really balanced around it at all. It feels "slap-on", and i dont use it myself - which should have triggered me to remove it or alter it!

    Will upload an updated version later today!

  • thehen - Just wanted to say that I've done some massive changes to the game, very much based off your feedback!

    Check it out over at Clay.io

  • Beautiful art direction ! I envy you!

  • Beautiful art direction ! I envy you!

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Another little update on the game. It is now live over at Kongregate! Be sure to check it out, and ratings are greatly appreciated.

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  • I just added highscores for the version over at the Scirra Arcade!

    Check it out! Who will top the charts?

  • era

    love your artwork

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