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  • Hey!

    First (as always) sorry for my english

    Here's my Universe-Wallpaper-Maker.

    It's not a Game at all - it's a Browser-App what randomly creates a colorful Universe.

    With Double-Tab you can generate a new Universe.

    With Tab-Hold you can save the Image as an PNG.

    The Save-Option does not work with IE.

    Chrome (buggy - a small Window work, fullscreen does not work) and Firefox will work.

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  • Nice, how did u make the option to save the screen as PNG file? Does it work w/ android?


  • I have no Android, so i don't know if it works.

    Screenshot: Open C2 and on Startscreen choose "Browse examples".

    There's a "Taking screenshots.capx" inside.

  • Nice!

  • Thanks

  • This looks really cool! (Y) I like it a lot!

    Maybe you could share some secrets on how you created it? Just randomly placing different sprites seems too easy.

    Also, did you create all the art?

  • It's not more - only place different sprites

    1.) On Start & repeat X times = create "Stars" & "Nebula" on randomX and randomY (window height and width)

    2.) On created "Stars" & "Nebula" = set frame to random (FrameCount), set random scale (for different sizes), set random angle, set random opacity,...

    3.) On DoubleTab = Restart Frame

    4.) On TabHold = Make "Screenshot" (there's an great Tutorial how save screen as image)

    And the Images are all handmade

    But it's very ease to create those Stars and Nebula (i use Corels Paint Shop Pro X5).

  • It is cool seeing construct for uses other than just games.

    Good Job

  • Thank you for the quick reply.

    It really seems more complex. But I guess that's because all the great artwork you have made

  • Here's one graphic i used for the Nebula:

    (overall the Nebula-Object has about 30 frames with these and other graphics in different color-varations)

    And for the Stars:

    (also about 30 frames for the Stars-Object with different versions of this graphic)

  • Will you share your capx plz?

    i love this sososo much

  • You should make all the textures "white" like that star and add random colour through effects, or even make users able to choose a primary colour that each one goes off of to make it even more of a creator. Right now its just kinda "here's a random wallpaper". Also you should add a way to let users enter a custom width/height for any monitor size

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