Undersea Challenge is born !

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  • Hi everybody !

    I'm proud to present you "Undersea Challenge", my first creation with C2 free edition + (plugins Canvas/Playtomic)

    Game is playable -> Here ..., please use Chrome for better sounds and more fps !.

    So actually the game is on "dropbox" and leaderboard system works now with Firefox and Chrome (not IE)...

    "Undersea Challenge" is a mouse-only "click/drag&drop" game ... you must put the 24 pieces of a virtual jigsaw puzzle on the good place in a limited time. Seems easy ? ... try !! you are underwater and using a strange High-tech "AquaItable" ... so some very special rules must be understand before win.

    This demo is in Easy mode ... good luck and good game !

    Some screenshoots ...

    ( When the game start you are in "AquaITable View" ...

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74282909/Undersea%20Challenge/ss_aquaitable_view.png" border="0">

    ( Push the mouse button to zoom in/dive in "Mask View" ... this close view give you better accurary ) ...

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74282909/Undersea%20Challenge/ss_mask_view.png" border="0">

  • Seems you have no interest for this game !?

    Ok, it's not a "Tower defense" ;-p and perhaps a jigsaw puzzle seems boring ... but it's a true game (i think !)

    I need you for testing and give me your comments !!!

    Need also some help for making better shadows without loosing to much fps ... so if someone use canvas for making dynamic shadows as me, please give me some tips ... as these 24 pieces can be under/over each other seems i must put one canvas object under each piece (Y-1) ?.

  • naelian

    It was running really slow. I had problems picking up some of the pieces and in the end, when I tried to write my name for the highscores it restarted the game before I had time to do anything.

    I think that making a jigsaw puzzle game with c2 is a fun idea. Good luck with your project <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for support man !, for more research please give your browser version and perhaps some computer details.

    About performance, i use the last chrome version and a very common 4 years pc old ... fps in game is good near 60 in Mask view and near 20 in AquaItable view (i will improve that in future !) ... on title screen the fps is near 20-25 and never more which is strange !. As it's really important to have more details about players problem i will upload a new version (0.12c) with some changes and also with fps display (under scuba diver head) ... fps drop is a serious thing to take care.

    About leaderboard, as i say before, you could NOT SEND any score ... yes it's a shame !!! but the server hosting the game don't accept this option and i want to find a answer to this problem ;-( ...

    Actually, the normal behaviour in the leaderboard screen is => The game will reload after 10 seconds if your score = 0 or if you click on "Submit" to send your score ... it's just because as your score is not registered there is no interest to wait more time ... in another version i will update the leaderboard list every 30 seconds or just after the player submitted a new score.

  • I have great news !

    The first one, "dropbox" seems now accepting to post scores on Playtomic servers with the "funstorm" unofficial Playtomic C2 plugin !!! yes it works with Chrome 18 and firefox 12 ... but don't works at all with IE9 ...

    The second good news, i work on the fps problem which was link to a huge size canvas i use for shadows rendering. With one canvas per puzzle piece the result is really impressive ... actually with 12 canvas objects finished on 24 needed ... i have [NO] fps drop !!! ...

    On Chrome 18, the game is fullscreen at 55/60 fps from the start to the end and i notice no bugs.

    On Firefox 12, the game runs fullscreen at 25/30 fps ... (it's not really fast) ... i notice a little font problem ("italic" lost) but nothing really serious so Firefox can be used if you dont want to use Chrome.

    IE9, same fps as Chrome (55/60 - excellent) and very good display quality ... but just one looping sound in background and VERY serious priority management bugs (some events are not launched !) ... also leaderboard don't work too ... ok avoid !!!)

    I work very hard on the next game version with better shadows and i think no fps drop ... i also improve the leaderboard system.

    If i have no problems the next version (0.13a) will be uploaded on dropbox in a few hours ...

  • Hello guys, last version of my game is uploaded ... LeaderBoard Works now (on Chrome/Firefox) and new shadows are always displayed in game so perhaps some little fps drop sometimes (45-60 fps on chrome) but nothing serious.

    Always the same link to play => Undersea Challenge (Version 0.13a) (link update)

    Enjoy !

  • really immersive, nice work, runs very smooth on my pc, the first time you play it, the switch between normal en glasses trows you a bit off, i guess it takes a bit time to adjust to the underwater scene :) but thats fun

    edit: some pieces seem to get lost after the switch, also its pretty hard pic to get right, maybe start with something simpler

  • Yes i see your score ! ...

    I can give your some tips but one game interest is to find how it's works !!!

    Just some short tips (gift !) ...

    Pieces disappeared in 60 seconds ... need to touch them to restart the effect !

    To switch and stay in Mask/Short View ... keep mouse button pushed ... only release it for short time if needed ... proceed exactly inverse for the AquaITable/Large View ! ... each view is good for doing something ...

    Avoid too much and short switching of views ... as switching of views create a temporary blindness (it's not a bug !), you also loose accuracy and must recover it staying cool => stay in the same view and switch only if needed ...

  • Hello guys !

    Spend some days away for my computer, coming back now with a new 0.13b version (upload done, same link as before) which is a bug correct version. I was a little more overconfident about the quality of my work and auto guess polygon C2 feature. Listening more players make me understand something was wrong ... sometimes it was really difficult to take some pieces unless always taking them right in center with a sniper accuracy ;-p ... so i dont let anymore C2 guessing the shape of my pieces and do now the work myself. Think the game is now more playable with less feeling of frustation about grabbing pieces and so giving more pleasure ;-p

    I always say giving me feedback guys i need your feelings and so on !!!! .... i realise now how these words have sense.

    Before and after reworking the polygon shape ... no comments ;-p

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/74282909/Undersea%20Challenge/guess.png" border="0" />

  • Hello everybody !

    No update for Undersea Challenge (UC) this day but i deliver you a preview of the new engine with physics i'll put in the next release of the game (soon).

    => Here

    Another technical change ... i use now instances of a only one sprite object to create and manage the 24 jigsaw puzzle pieces ... so it's 48 events less in my game ! ...

    If someone is interesting i'll share a project .capx for this preview for helping beginners in instances management.

    ENjoy ! (sorry a last minute change introduce a bug with r90, now seems ok)

  • Hi guys !,

    So many changes in this new version of "Undersea Challenge" that it was almost impossible to describe all of them !

    So in few words, new physic engine / new zoom system / endless levels !

    Always the same link to play => Undersea Challenge (Version 0.20a)

    Please, need your feedbacks to make this game great !

    ENjoy !

  • Hi everybody !

    A year later ...

    Sorry about the previous link but the "playtomic" plugin used to manage scores is no more working and make the game hang using it, so i will try to create a new version using the "new" Clay.io plugin, stay tune !

  • Great demo my friend.

    You should work with a designer and actually do a game for mobile and sell it.

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  • I played it and I enjoyed it. The mechanics is awesome. Small details like pieces getting darker as you run out of air, the shakynes... All is very well done. However I noticed some pieces not sitting in place even though I carried them to the exact spot. The out-of game interfaces need some polish, but I think this is a great position to be in. Polish this and put it into facebook and you are golden :)

  • The mechanics of the project is really interesting! great job keep it up.

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