Undersea Challenge is born !

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  • SergioRM Windwalker happydigital

    Thanks guys !

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74282909/UC_news.png" border="0">

    Undersea challenge is not dead, i choose to not focus on smartphones market cause of poor perfs (perhaps in a year). I work on a full new and very fast engine (55-60 fps) and focus on node-webkit export to provide a way to use your own images to feed the game with new challenges ! the gameplay is now really different using 2 mouse buttons and parallax effects to play on several "planes/views", AquaItable has now 4 "magnets" to stick pieces and new shaking effects when you keep a piece in your hand in zoom view ... scoring management is also now based on the clay.io plugin.

    I'm also working on many others projects (C2/node-webkit screensavers, clocks) and a new "1-2" players game that should come on Scirra Arcade very quickly and called "The 10 Seconds Barrier" ...a first preview HERE use 1/2/3 keys to play (numeric pad for 1st player ... "hear" and "hit")

    So no new release of UC will come for weeks because this project is now really BIG and i choose to learn many more things to create the BEST game i could !

    Stay Tune ;phere

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