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  • Hey guys!

    Umi is an infinite-runner/platformer action hybrid coming soon to Android.

    This is my first game I have developed to completion, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

    *Currently working on an in game shop to spend your collected orbs*

    Cool ideas for things to include in the shop would be appreciated!



    *Umi is being released this Tuesday 1/20/2015*

  • You have certainly spent some time on this, with a decent website, etc.

    Personally I feel that mobile games with more than one action button are mostly awkward, especially if extra hand for movement is involved, but otherwise this looks like a solid project so all the best.

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  • Looks really neat! Nice trailer!

  • Nice!

  • Thanks guys!

    I agree some people are turned off by the virtual gamepad, I personally thought it was the only way to achieve the level of control I wanted for the gun-play. I had a number of people play test until it seemed like the controls were intuitive and tight enough as to not inhibit the gameplay, so I guess we'll see if it pans out haha.

  • Hi again, Narbles.

    About your website, it looks really professional.

    I am looking for landing page examples, and I find this a good one. As I am interested on making one in the near future. (maybe)

    May I ask:

    What do you use to build this page? is it Wordpress?

    And also, how long does it take to make one? (not including trailer, just coding & other graphic elements)


  • Hey AllenT,

    Thanks for the reply! And thanks for the compliment on the website!

    We didn't build the website in Wordpress. It's just a landing page so we didn't need anything that heavy. All we used was Foundation 5 (for the nice flexible grid), Sublime Text 2 (for the coding), and Photoshop/Illustrator/Manga Studio for the graphic assets (Manga Studio was for the paint-brush stroke looking stuff.) There are also a few extra scripts in there for specific purposes. If you need any of those you can just look at the page source and find them, or ask again and we'll refer you to them.

    Making it took about a week. Most of the time was spent making all of the graphics and tweaking the design. If you don't have to make too many graphics and have figured out the design beforehand, it should take less time, possibly even just a day (and you'll probably have better loading time .)

  • Oh, I see. I'll go check out Foundation 5.

    Thanks for the info, Narbles!

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