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  • Ever wondered how to implement an AI that thinks ahead just like in a chess game? In the Trial of Taijitu, you will be playing against an AI that regulates itself according to your skill. The Trial of Taijitu is played on a field of 7 discs revolving around the symbol of duality. You control 3 alternate discs while the AI controls the other 3; the final disc closest to the centre spins on its own accord.

    The object of the game is to spin the discs so that 3 or more gems match up on your side of the play area. You have 3 minutes to beat the AI and don't think that this will be an easy task...

    Can you win the Trial of Taijitu?

    You can play the game at

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  • For those looking to see what's taking place under the hood, press "[" or "]" to assess hidden debug features.

    The former key command allows you to see how frequently the AI will act, what the AI is doing, and the data that is being presented for match-3 checks. The latter key command allows you to view the contents of the circular buffers used to store the gems; they should correlate with the color of the gems.

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