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  • Hi all,

    I didn't get a chance to finish my Newgrounds competition entry before I went on holiday, and I thought I might as well at least show what I was working on.

    It's a relatively simple game that involves the player having to navigate a maze environment, collecting keys and shards of crystal to open the Sorceress' room.

    Before you play, bear in mind that:

    1. There is no end-game, once you beat the sorceress you're stuck.

    2. This was designed for iOS devices, not for PC, so it can be quite difficult to play with a mouse/keyboard.

    Some tips for playing:

    *Swipe the icons! Tapping doesn't work well as the timer is too fast and you will more than likely fail each time.

    *In combat, tap the potion icon to heal yourself (if you have potions).

    *Don't refresh to page, it will not reset the doors. To reset the game the player character has to be killed in combat.

    You can play the game here:


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  • Wrangler

    Such a shame you didn't make it in time for the competition; I think you'd have done well.

    Although its rather different from the arrow slinging carnage fest I'd been expecting, this seems a deeper experience. It took me a while to realise that I should be concentrating on swiping the icons rather than the actual creatures themselves (even though you state that in your instructions) but once I'd figured things out, I had an enjoyable couple of games.

    If you have windows 8, it might be worth polishing this up and entering it into the Windows 8 competition Scirra have on their blog.

    Good stuff!

  • i like the battle mechanics in it. very different way to approach it. but you should definitely finish this up and enter it into the Windows 8 Competition!

  • This is VERY good! I like it, I would love to see you finish this...

  • Wrangler


    Although I wasn't very good at swiping' I really enjoyed the game... I like the map system,, then seeing the character ..

    shame you never got to finish it in time; but there will be other competitions you can enter?

  • This game is COOL!

    Very nice idea! I really want to see it finished! :)

  • I'd love to enter this into the Windows 8 competition, but I don't have have a Windows 8 device to test it on, and I certainly can't afford to fork out �500+ for a Surface just for this.

    I am however dabbling in virtualisation of Windows 8 on my Windows 7 laptop, but performance is awful and obviously there is no touch input.

  • I've implemented a trophy system into the game, to try and encourage players to complete the game. I need to populate the game with more creatures though, otherwise it's going to be quite a small trophy wall!!

    I was also considering including trophies for other achievements, such as defeating 10 scimitar demons, or surviving for a set amount of time.

  • Wow man. That was really good!

  • Wrangler,

    Nice game, I had lots of fun playing it!

    If you wanted to enter the Windows 8 contest, you could upgrade your Windows 7 to 8! I did this so that I could develop for Win 8! The upgrade cost me around �45, which wasn't too bad (could be cheaper now).

    Anyway something for you to think about, I believe the game could do well if you entered it.

    Keep up the good work :)

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