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  • I'm working on two games at the moment. The first being Super Ubi Land (which is my bigger project) and the second is Sushi Rush.

    Sushi Rush will be built for Android and iOS and possibly HTML5 with tweaks in gameplay to accommodate the mouse/keyboard.

    You have to create sushi as fast as possible for various characters in the Sushizoo brand without messing up the ingredients. It's an arcade style game that rewards quick reflexes and will also have leaderboards all that other good stuff.

    Right now I'm just posting the very first concept sketch and where I am currently at with the art.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    more information will be posted here as dev continues.

  • Here is an update to the actual gameplay.

    Right now everything is really basic. I just programmed in the ingredient combinations for each recipe and created sprites and all that good stuff.

    game is pretty much only like 5 percent done and missing a ton of features that'll make it fun. It's also missing the background art and animations for the guy/people you'll be serving. But im going to work on it probably a week straight so i can take a small break from super ubi land and come back to it fresh.

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  • Wow artwork looks great so far! Can't wait to see the playable demo

  • I haven't worked on this in a while since I've been working on Super Yubi Land.

    I'm taking the week to create a bunch of new assets for the game and try to have it complete by the end of June.


    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Great work man,,, the art and conceptual idea are amazing!!

  • Update:

    Playing around with the menu and placeholder music to get the vibe of the game.


  • I like this game.

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