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  • Hello guys,

    We recently published a latest game called Sushi Train on the Google Play Store for mobile devices.

    Exported and published with the new CocoonIO service and it includes ads and in-app purchases. We found this method to be the easiest and the route with least hassle. Initially we were going to use IntelXDK but we received a quite number of errors that we could not find resolutions to, there are no real definite guide with the inclusion of these services so we opted for CoocoonIO. Unfortunately it does suffer from its own disadvantages like running slow on start and the cost barrier if you want to get serious. We do recommend the service though if you want to create mobile games with such monetization features.

    Well here is the link to the game: ... hi.trainv1

    You can find more information about the game there.

    Thanks for checking out this post.

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