Super Mario Brothers styled platform game

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  • When learning a new game engine, one of my first programs is always a Super Mario Brothers clone... so here it is!

    This was created using no plugins, free version of Construct 2, less than 80 events. Basically, I wanted to see what I could do with Construct 2, and I'm quite happy with the results... little effects like bouncing blocks and shattering bricks, parallax and GUI, enemies reversing direction on collision with walls, platform behavior but also the ability to climb up and down, etc. Everything is quite straightforward. My conclusion: Construct 2 is awesome. (But you already knew that.)

    It is not a complete game by any means -- there is only a single screen, the player cannot be hurt, and the points awarded are pretty monotonous. But the framework is certainly present.

    If there is interest, I would like to write a tutorial containing the details and/or upload this work (in progress) to the Scirra arcade, but is that acceptable given that the artwork is unoriginal -- borrowed, one might say? Is there a copyright proviso for educational purposes?

  • Nice engine, what really works well is the jumping and landing. I would love to see a tutorial also on how it was all done.

  • that is all kinds of awesome sir.


  • Thanks for the kind words... I just realized I forgot to add a description of the controls. Arros for left and right, shift to jump, F for fireball (when applicable) and R to restart.

  • It's great... I really like it.

  • Nice :)

    mina over 15k rep !!! What have you been up to :)

  • Nicely done Stemkoski

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  • zenox98 I did nothing. I think its a server error i was unable to open scirra website one week ago "error msgs+ increasing rep. :)".

    I posted in scirra facebook page to tell them about it, but no reply! :(

    I can give u 10K if u want ;)

  • can i please have a tutorial of the game plz   so i can see how it works

  • This is really a great game! :-) Hope the toturial will come up soon.

  • Great work! Could do with speeding up Mario, feels like he's running and jumping in water. That's the only gripe and I'm being picky there. Top notch.

  • This example is excelent!! Can you provide the capx file please!!! or tutorial?

  • yes construct2 is really a superb tool to work with ,

    you can do anything with it ...

    nice don the game ...

    why not u^load to the arcade section

  • Nice game, but dang the bugs! Lol.

    Pretty good though.

    PS: The sounds seems really delayed for some reason, atleast when I picked up the mushrooms.

  • nice work!

    if you do the tutorial, I would be interested how you handeld the ennemies AI. (Turn back when hit the wall or others, or to fall/not to fall from platform)

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