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  • Hey guys check out this latest build let me know if its more fun than ichy trigger style gameplay.

    Thank you!!!!

    VERSION: 1.1

    Hey Guys this is a little gamesypoo I start working on the other day. I really like it. It hard and only uses the arrow keys. Let me know what you think. Everything is made my me.

    VERSION: 1.0

    <img src="" border="0">

  • I like

    very original for me


  • Wow, it�s a very interesting game dude!

    I like it! It�s fresh, simple and addictive!

    The only thing I�d change is that, the missile launching key (side arrow keys) it�s not the best choice I think, cuz you can�t control that as you want or without moving from place. I�d add another key for firing the arms, but the rest is simply clever and nice.

    Great work man!

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  • Thanks! I was really struggling with that key choice since I wanted to limit movement and for the game to be very hard. I will tests out button to fire later and maybe regenerate terrain. Some more kinks to work out.

  • Yeah, you definitely need to change the firing key. I think the spacebar would work well for that.

  • Much better with separate fire controls <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • As OddConfection says, now it�s much much better, much much funnier and much much easier to play (allthough it continues being quite difficult). Great (and simple) improvement KSLR :)!!

    And the terrain regeneration sounds great too (and seems it would make infinite gameplay :)).

  • Nice , I like It !

    But a little hard with the little moving space and the hard to control upward flying missiles

  • I had to shrink my game and get rid of my embedded font for the scrirra arcade. I am think about making a single build for Kongregate and scirra and alles.

  • I also want to figure out how to put my game on a blogger blog.

  • Big setback today did a ton of work and now my capx wont open. It says that behavior name already exsists in object type. Going to poke around and see if I can fix this or I am going to have to do all those fixes again AHHHH NOOOOO!

  • I peered in and cut this out of the proj and seems to function now. I feel like a dodgey tag doctor. just hacking out tags and seeing what happens. I dont imagine this messing things up. YEHAW!

    <behavior-type name="Anchor">

                        <behavior id="Anchor" />


  • I love super hans ;D

    Needs highscore table! \o\

  • Yeah I agree sheepy. I will be patching in all kinds of new things. The version I have on kongregate has their api stuff put in for max number of bots destroyed.

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