Super Hans

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  • Fun game, I couldn't figure out what the difference between the two fire buttons was, but some thoughts-

    Normal fire - Straight line from character in direction he's facing [left/right]

    Alt-Fire - The parabola shot you have now.

    When a trench is leading down to the lava, the normal shot could push robots off the edge into the hole.

    Really love the destructive terrain. :)

  • Yeah KSLR this game is savage awesome....Brilliant in every way the music is perfect..plays smooth and rocks hard....

    Any chance you can make bigger levels A story and BOSSES!!!!? Would be happy to help you in anything you need for this little gem

    Well done the 1.1 version..but it does shrink the screen size some....Might want to look at that...seems to jam the whole screen into half the space the 1.0 version does...for me anyway on a 1920 x 1080 p screen using Firefox

    Same on Chrome...It all seems to be squished to the top of screen and half the size of 1.0 was that intentional?

    but yeah still Brilliant

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  • Thanks Mystaz! I also like super hans. i think he could use some polish. once I finish my other projects maybe I will take a poke at it again. Maybe for OUYA or something. Just needs a dpad.

    No I dont think it was intentional. I was anxious at the end and had different versions for Kong and clay io . Its meant to be 16:9. And in the kong version there is an in bedded pixel font wish I think looks much better than IMPACT! LOL

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