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  • Hey guys check out my new game for android! It is a simple tap tap game with leader board and achievements.

    This is my first game where i’ve implemented achievements.

    It’s a fast paced game where the only thing the player has to do is to tap the screen to make Super fly. Shooting is automatic but you can upgrade your bullets with power ups. There are more power ups of course.

    The evil Kawaii is about to conquer our planet!

    You cannot let this happen! You are the last hope of your people!

    You've got some special powers what makes you capable of using the sacred orbs to unleash devastating magical spells! Use them to stop the spread of cuteness!


    -Leaderboard! Be the best!


    -Fast gameplay!

    -Cute enemies

    You don't have to play hours in this simple TAP TAP game.

    It's enough to flap a few and get rid of some kawaii monster!

    Don't forget to get all the achievements and be the best on the leaderboard!

    Good luck and all the best! :3

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