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  • Hi!

    The game is published! You have 84 levels, and i will add more in few weeks. Paid version will get the levels first, and doesnt have advertisments.

    Free version: Steal! FREE

    Paid version: Steal!

    Other versions

    English is not my language so you can find some grammar errors... tell me!


    Facebook & twitter links for my game:



    -New levels added

    -New mechanics


    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Well, thanks for read this and i hope that you enjoy my game!!

    P.D.: If you can tell me what levels you find hard/easy will help me a lot!

    P.D.2: Sorry for my english.

  • Nice work! It's fun to play, good graphics, the music is ok.

  • I really enjoyed it. Simple and fun

  • really nice idea and execution.

  • Thanks, i want to keep it simple but i dont know if i can maintain the fun factor during 80-100 levels without add new mechanics :P

  • Grapichs and audio fits perfecly for this type of kind game, simple and effective. Didnt see any major problems with gameplay and enjoyed enough to play few more extra levels.

    Small suggestions: add "end" screen for each leve, at this moment if feels bit bland to have level ending without any sort of "grats, yay" type of screen.

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  • You are right, the player should feel good when he finish a level, thanks :)

  • great work here!

  • -Added some levels

    -Added new feature: closed bags of gold, level 24

    -Added "Level Cleared" message

    -Right now working in more levels, and i have some features saved for more variety

    -Game supports more than one tileset, im working on a new tilesets too.

  • Updated!

    -New tileset

    -New levels

  • Game published in Google play!

    Next steps:

    -Windows 8


  • I like your game a lot! But i have some ideas for the game.

    1. Make buttons to response some other way than only by sound. Maybe enlarge them or change their color/appearance(witch i think is the best way)

    2. It would be nicer if you could put navigation buttons to bottom of the screen. Now i need to hold my phone weirdly or use my another hand(it's physically demanding thing <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

  • Hi! I wrote review in Google Play, and you updated it the very next day! I'm really enjoying this, and I have question about 'update'. How did you update without changing game progress? What I thought is, if application is changed, all data in the webstorage would be reset. I want to know if the data is preserved by itself, or you did something different.

  • If the game have the same Id, the data is the same even if you change the apk, thats why you didnt lose the progress :)

    windows, linux and mac version here!:


    Thanks for the review mate :)

  • Can?t find it on my Xperia Z ? But makes much fun on the pc ;)

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