Specimen: M.K.Ultra made for ProcJam

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  • In Specimen: MKUltra you are a brain squid with psychic powers that brainwashes monsters so you can control them with your mind. You will run them into traps or pit them against each other while dodging traps yourself in these demented torture chambers created by sinister robots.

    I made this game for procjam a 9 day game jam where you use some form procedural generation in your project. It was the first game I made with my two artist friends and was a nice break from having to use my own poorly drawn sprites. I was attempting to use a style similar to Derek Yu's Spelunky where the rooms are partially generated and it was planned to have a lot more content I am happy with how it turned out for a 9 day experiment and we may continue to develop the game adding all the features and content we wanted to include here.

    Check it out here and let me know what you think


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