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  • Hello

    Its our first game(me & my brother). Its quite simple, avoid game.

    We made this to check if we can handle making games for android by C2(all these exports and other stuff are quite complicated, but we made it)

    Please check game and let us know if it works on your devices, and how it looks like.

    Thank You

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  • It's playable on my low end Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, so I guess you don't need to worry about performance. Nice graphics and calming gameplay, maybe too much. Speed up would help and leaderboards to keep a player hooked a bit longer.

  • Works well on Galaxy S3 .

    With the exception of appariton artifacts on left and right of the screen when starting the game in portrait view and the game switches to landscape view .

  • Hey

    Thanks for feedback guys.

    Its good info, because i was afraid of crash that somebody report on google play - galxy tab 3 java.lang.RuntimeException. And on my friend smartphone game crashed too on main menu. Sou your

    post give me hope that everything works well.

    Noga - thx. We were tryied speed up game , but there was some problems with scrolling in C2, so we decide to

    incerase number of obstacles

    About Leaderboard - its on my mind, but first we must learn how to implement that

    MadSpy - thx. Yeah we noticed this artefacts. Somebody on forum wrote about that(i think so, but not sure) - and there is possybility that its because of game resolution (we made 800x480) and it should be 854x480 to avoid this.

    Will try to fix that in our next games

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