Space Force: Solar Warden a sci-fi action adventure game for Android and iOS

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  • Hey guys and gals!

    For the last year I have been building my newest project in Construct 2. Our team has officially announced the project and would like to invite you to take a look!

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  • New gameplay trailer!

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  • I like the idea. Navigate, fly, explore, land, adventure. Make sure you watch the scope of the game, that's a common pitfall, at least for me, but it looks cool so far. Just need to work on the graphics. But I assume they're placeholders mostly.

    Ah, just watched your Kickstarter page. $80,000 is a lot of money to gather. Actively looking for pledgers will be an important task the coming days, if you ask me. I wish you and your team the best of luck!

  • Thanks Rudi55!

    Yes, they are placeholder graphics that I cooked up.

    I reached the point of development, where I could take it one of two ways. Commit to creating all of the art assets myself over 3 or 4 years. Or hire a team and finish the game for real.

    That's why I love Kickstarter, my game won't die if I don't make the goals. It will just end up being something more homemade and more limited in scope.

    As far as promo, yes, we have a campaign in place. Who knows, you may end up seeing one of our facebook adds if you are: ages 15-45, live on earth, and have an interest in UFOs and video games :P

    We're documenting the whole kickstarter campaign so we can make a debrief video afterwards, whichever way it goes. There is always something to learn.

    If anything, simply starting the campaign forced me to really solidify a lot of aspects about the game. So, that is a big plus already.


  • Hey, just wondering, what's your personal background in developing games? Have you worked on large projects similar to this before?

    Myself I am basically still 'new' to making games, although I started creating ideas for games at a very young age. It wasn't until I came across HTML5/Construct 2 that I was actually able to build games. I tried Flash before, but Actionscript or any coding without WYSIWYG editors are just not for me.

    3 or 4 years to create art is indeed a long time. I don't know your situation, working, married etc, I'm just saying these two things alone can hinder you from freeing up some time to create (art for) the game. :P

    Time IS money as they say. Anyway, I hope you can find a good audience, I use an adblocker so I won't be seeing any ads anywhere. Word of mouth is probably the best advertising you can get.

    Oh, and don't forget to add 'chem trails' to the ingame ship, lol.

    - R

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  • A guess a bit about myself :P

    I earned my bachelors in Biology in 2007. Taught science for awhile.

    I started making my first games when I was a teenager.

    Over the years I've made games on:

    Rpg Maker 95, Rpg Maker 2000, RPG Maker XP, Unity, and now construct.

    Tried to teach myself actual C++ coding 4 or 5 times over the last decade. It never really stuck past the basics.

    I discovered construct when I was hired to teach at a STEM after school academy.

    They assigned me video game design using Construct 2.

    It's system was so similar to the event based system of the RPG Maker series, that everything made sense. Except now, with my coding "learnings," the coding power of construct was finally unleashed.

    So, I began earnestly prototyping my first serious game (after so many half baked games, or "fan" games).

    After about a year of work, Fortnite released in Early Access. While my game would have been for mobile, and only single player.... we both hit on the same core mechanics.

    Fort building, classes, zombies, large map, crafting.

    They beat me to the punch. I'm glad they did. Because Fortnite is amazing, and I get to play that feels made for me.

    After I shelved "The Last Stand of Man," I started work on this project.

    4-5 years extra time because I am a family guy. With no kickstarter funds, I would have to keep doing the full time job to support the family.

    Over the years I have developed all of the skills to make an entire game by myself. Graphics, good art, good music. But man, would I love to work with some professionals on this.

    As far as leading large projects. I am a professional person. I was a public school teacher. I've consulted for zoos (totally unrelated), I am confident in my project managing skills at this point in my life :)

    Blarg, turn 32 in a few months.

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