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Time rewind like in "Braid". Choose objects that will be affected by time rewind
  • ************* FORGET ALL THAT YOU HAVE KNOWN ! ***************

            ************* Space 'N' Time ***************

    The game was under hard remaking and now it ready to come to as many platform as Construct 2 have support   <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Soon I'm put the test game link here.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Coming soon: everywhere... I hope...

  • Nice idea and graphics.

    Wanna profit? Turn it on educative software by adding new objects and sound of its names, or turn the objects into letters.


  • The graphics are really well made, and the parallax in the background flows nicely with the camera. The only problem I see now is the music. The song continuously advertises a website. You should probably look for a better soundtrack without the advert voices. Some other things to make it more entertaining could be powerups, unless you already have some in later levels, if so then don't worry about it.

    Have you already tested this on cocoonjs on android or IOS devices?

  • retrodude

    No-no-no)) This musics just "prewiew". I have to pay 40$ for one. So I load "prewiew" version with that background voice, because it free. I want know - how it sounds. (Yes, it hard hear it with this voice,but..)

    About cocoon - I send it someone to test on android and he said that it worked well(55-60 fps). I haven't any of the mobile devices yet (((


    Thanks, I will think about it...

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  • Kurz

    Good to see someone else revamping their newgrounds entry. Just tested it on my ipad 3 (on Safari) and it runs very smoothly, at 60 frames a second. I realise the music is a free track, but it sounded really distorted and echoey for some reason - I'll try the game out on Chrome at some point and see if I get the same problem.

    As for your 'black screen only' problem that occasionally happens, I had the same problem with my Board Horde game. It seemed to be linked to preloading audio in the Preload screen (I currently have my preloader set to only preload the audio if the game is not on a mobile device, though that does mean I sometimes get no audio at all). Perhaps you're encountering a similar problem? Might be worth sharing a screenshot of your preloader events, in the hope that someone might be able to spot the problem.

    Anyway, best of luck with the revamp! I will test it more soon (I liked the tutorial by the way. I now know how to actually play the game, though I was still quite hopeless)

  • Dave Hailwood

    Yes, I hear about preload. A guy from another forum already told me. But in this version I remove all preload, and that words like "sounds loading" are fake. But problem is still here. <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I realy happy if tutorilal help you, because I many thinking how can I make it.

    And if someone know - please, tell me, what setting I have to set in cocoon js for this to work correctly. My resulution is 800*480

    here the screen:

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    okey. here the screenshot of my preload action. But that f*** black screen is still happen sometimes!

  • Try putting your audios on 'start of layout, then add the event 'trigger once when true, that way it wont keep preloading, also I dont think you need the 'or' time greater than 5seconds, just let them preload first, just a thought.

    Also there is many audio editing programs out there, if you get a good 20secs of audio without the voice you can make it into a loop sound flawlessly,

    save yourself a few of those folding kinda money :)

  • Kurz

    Out of curiosity, have you updated the game at the same link since I last tested it? I'm now finding that the music is working perfectly on both Safari and Chrome on the ipad. Though the problem is none of the touch functions are working, and its not registering my touch if I press any of the buttons (so I'm stuck on the menu screen).

    I can understand why you put the 'or time>5 seconds' event in there; I did something similar with my own preloader (though i gave it 30 seconds, which was perhaps too much) which helped me get past the black screen problems I was encountering on Chrome. I hope you manage to solve the problem, as its really frustrating when this sort of thing happens. Keep on experimenting, and I'll keep on testing any version you care to put up on my ipad.

  • Dave Hailwood

    Oh my God!! Touch realy not working?

    And yes, I change smth and it's new link.

    I realy don't understand why it happen! Problems arise because people use behaviors (9-patch crashed with physic and webgl... to example). Here NO any behaviour, but bug is here!

  • Kurz

    Firstly, try not to panic. It's always possible that your game is working on other mobile devices, just not mine. I will also give it a go on the iPod touch when I get the chance.

    Which version of Construct 2 are you using? Since I updated to beta v136 I also encountered a Touch Not Working problem on my own game. I assumed it was something to do with Gamejolt's chat system conflicting somehow, but its always possible there's a new bug that no ones aware of yet (though touch does work fine from my Dropbox account. Perhaps you could try uploading your game to Dropbox as well, and see if that makes a difference?)

    On the plus side, what I saw of your game before the touch stopped working for me was very polished. The graphics and animation are looking very sharp, so well done there!

    Anyway, I will keep on testing whenever I get the chance. I will also experiment with my own game, and share any useful findings

  • I panic because I nervous by my nature ((

    Thanks for good words ! And about dropbox - I don't think this is right decision. DropBox, GoogleDrive, Kongregate, NewGrounds... its just "hostings". I think game not depends on hosting.

    In any case: I remake smth and it's looks like game became to work fine!

    It was my error: I compared lines before they are created. I'm surprised how it works?! But if the error (black screen) appears again, I do not know what else to do

  • Kurz

    I just tested it again, and it now works perfectly on Chrome on my ipad 3 - music plays fine, and touch works fine (out of curiosity, what events did you remove to get it working? You never know, it might help clear up the problem I'm having on Gamejolt)

    On Safari it works perfectly the first time, but when I close down the tab and open it a second time the game plays without any audio (an acceptable loss at this point). I haven't experienced the black screen at all. I will do more tests soon; at this point, I'd say you are heading in the right direction! Well done.

  • Sounds was in another eventsheet and work as include eventsheet. I delete they and add to menu as native. Big play button on menu was bound to music events. Maybe is was an error. And as I already said - I compare lines before they created <- BIG mistake.

    But if the music still disappears so the problem is not solved yet.

    And thanks for testing and your care to the my project!

  • Android version added!!!

    I hope, I make project correctly, but one guy already said, that game stuck and show 0 fps only (f*** yeah!<img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle"> ) and the load on the CPU is 80% .


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