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Time rewind like in "Braid". Choose objects that will be affected by time rewind
  • Kurz

    I've searched around on the forum, and audio not working on iOS devices (such as ipad, iPod etc) seems to be a common problem, as you can read about here:

    I followed DavidA13 suggestion to remove all m4a sounds from the offline appcache (to be found in the export folder, under the file name 'offline') as my game was suffering exactly the same problem, and it now works fine on both safari and Chrome. As Ashley mentions, the downside of doing this is the game won't work offline (except on desktop devices, which use .ogg format sound, I believe) so you may need to decide what's most important to your game - sound working on iOS devices, or offline support for devices that use m4a sounds.

    Currently I am only running my game from Dropbox, but I'll be uploading it to various game sites shortly. I'll let you know if the offline audio solution causes problems, or makes the game work better later (unfortunately I have no Android devices to test on, so I cannot check whether fixing things on one device causes problems on another)

  • What you mean when you said "offline support"?

    If this web version, so it doesn't work offline. Or I not understand?

    Now, m4a sounds removed.

    Hope other people with different devices will test it.

    <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> please

  • Kurz

    Offline support is best explained by Ashley here:

    I don't know how many people actually play online games offline, so it may or may not be important, depending on where you're aiming to get your game published.

    I've just tested your game again, and the audio is now working perfectly on both Chrome and Safari on the ipad3, no matter how many times I hit the refresh button. I have just uploaded the new version of my Board Horde game to Newgrounds using the same audio trick, and it seems to also be running fine. I'm still having troubles with however, and can't get any sound to play on my ipad from the version of my game I've uploaded there, no matter what I do.

    Oh well, back to experimenting!

  • Okay, I've just solved the audio problem.

    Incase you're thinking of exporting your game to, the reasons for a lack of sound on iOS devices is due to the Export to Chrome option in c2 only exporting .ogg audio files, and no m4a audio files. If you export to chrome then you also need to copy the m4a audio files manually into the media folder (it seems odd that no one has mentioned this before) My game now has audio on Clay! I just hope it works on Android devices too.

  • I'm not to going to add this game to, because it haven't highscore system and I have no idea how to realise scores here.(Am I right? Almost all games on which I saw have highscores)

    Now I watch to the Kongregate side. I have to polish it as much as possible to be in the featured list. I'm ready to kill somebody for place in this list. (just joke...or...))) Because otherwise this game will get lost.

  • Kurz

    Although is useful for things like online Hi-score boards, there are other benefits, such as the ability to put ads into your games (useful if you plan to make the game free), store analytical data (such as how many times people play the game, read the rules, mute the sound etc) and push your game with ease to other sites such as Facebook, Chrome and Mozilla store. It's quite easy to use, though can bring about a few error messages if you're not careful (these can be easily overcome after a bit of experimenting).

    Kongregate is definitely a good site to get your game on, though there is always the danger that it will just get buried or ignored (Gamejolt is another game site worth keeping in mind, though I've only been able to get the desktop version of my game working there as touch controls don't seem to work for some reason). I'm hoping to put Board Horde up on Kongregate tomorrow if I get the chance (I was just waiting to finish my latest update, and get some bugs ironed out first) so I'll let you know any problems I encounter.

    Anyway, good luck with everything. I'll be sure to lend a hand whenever possible.


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  • Kurz

    I spent the morning trying to put my game up on Kongregate, but ran into a few problems. Fortunately no one else can see the game until I hit the 'publish' button, so there's time for me to do more tests later.

    Anyway, the main problem I encountered was sound seemed either distorted or delayed when the game was played on Firefox (though it worked perfectly fine on Firefox on the laptop I exported the game from. On my second laptop the problem occurs, which shows it's always best to test on more than one device and browser, incase unnoticed problems like this occur). Also I can only get the desktop export (linking to the index file through dropbox) working, as the mobile version doesn't seem to accept the same filetype (so you may not have to worry about removing audio from the offline cache for Kongregate, since no one will be playing the game on their mobile anyway).

    If I get the chance I'll do more tests next week, and let you know any helpful results (just bare in mind that the problems I encounter with my game my not be the same as problems that you encounter).

  • Dave Hailwood

    I can make mistakes, herethey told something about mobile games. Something like you can play in Kongreagate from your device soon.

    But in general, thanks.

  • Added a brand new version with an absolutely different type of levels

    You must scroll to right side in level's menu.

    Now you have to drag second, third and fourth gravity point to complete the level!

    And, please, try multitouch on your phones.


  • Cool game. i'm getting 75fps and the sound matches the games personality in my opinion. its kind of hard to pick up on what the big red cursor is for.

    also, how did you upload your game to google drive? ive uploaded all my game files but i'm not sure how to run them

    edit: nvm got it :)

  • I just added it on Arcade


    Hey, thanks)

    Big red cursor - is a tutorial's turget. Its like a tip, because many people said me that they don't understand how to play.

    And this Ashley's tutorial about googledrive

  • nice game good art except for mixing vector and bitmap art and not realy great game

  • I'm glad to see when someone find this game and make response.

    sosensible, thanks for your post.

    And can you tell me which sprite is distracting from the overall style?

  • the character

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