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  • Hello guys,

    My brother and I are starting a small and modest game studio here in Brazil, called Double Dash Studio. I'm here posting about our current work, the Soul Keeper Project.It is a remake of our LudumDare#20 entry (dev log) and the first project for the current crew. The project as it is now is almost 3 months old.

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    Soul Keeper Project is a platform puzzle/adventure game. It happens on an ancient temple, where an explorer loses his son inside the temple. The kid was attracted by an unusual artifact. On first touch, the artifact unleashes a series of mechanisms that slowly drains the boy's soul. The artifact protects the main char, shielding his soul from harm.

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    As an explorer and as a dad, you must use the artifact to stop the mechanisms. The gameplay mainly focus the appropriate use of both his body and soul.

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    Although his soul can not be harmed, his body still can die. The player must be careful when using his body and quick when using his soul. As the game progresses new abilities are unlocked.

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    The series of challenges aren't enough to achieve the harmony of body and soul. To achieve perfect balance, one must face his past and forgive.

    We are open to comments, thoughts, suggestions and especially constructive criticism. We really want to get better, so please, share your thoughts.

  • Can it be played via browser?

  • Unfortunately no. We're developing for a old school bundle and the bundle creator asked to be a .exe, so we're using Construct Classic.

    For the next project, we want to use C2 and our newly bought Spriter.

    P.S.: You just made me realize that I posted in the wrong forum session =/

    Kyatric, how do I take this post to the right place?

  • Superb graphics guys. With smooth animations this would be awesome.

    Looks like it will be a good game.

  • Thanks, GenkiGenga! The animations are based on Muydrigde's studies and are kinda smooth. We'll be polishing them as soon as possible!

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  • Very good!!!!! WOW. the graphics look so good. Good luck on your game guys. We're waiting to test it ^^. I will stay tuned. Keep going.

  • Thank you, anthonykojima! In no time we'll be releasing a version for tests =]

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