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  • I'd like to show you all my game I created in 3 weeks named Punt Out!

    Punt-Out is a Action Beat-Em-Up Wave survival game where you will beat as many enemies as possible using abilities to try and stay alive the longest.

    More info on the itch.io page!


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    Co-Op Demonstration

  • I just realized that this is in the wrong area. I dont see an option to move it to work in progress..

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  • Hello Everyone!

    This post is a changelog of all newly added features and bug-fixes to Punt-Out V2.

    • New Character Animations
    • New Gore Sprites
    • New Gore System (Splatters walls and objects)
    • New Grabbing Feature (Hold Right-Click to grab an enemy, once held you can Left-Click to throw. Throwing enemies will reduce your knockback bar (Blue bar) and will not give you any once an enemy has been killed)
    • New Soundtrack
    • Credits Menu ( MASSIVE, MASSIVE Thanks to Heavy bro for helping with the game massively)
    • Optimization
    • Boss Fight Sprite improvements
    • Options Menu (Able to toggle gore and other things)
    • WIP Level 3 (Will be ready in the next update)
    • Bug Fixes

    This is the biggest update yet, so let me know if there are any bugs or things that you want to see improved.

  • https://crazybooze.itch.io/punt-out

    New update released!

    Local Co-Op Added - (Buggy but it works well-enough)

    Added More Options to the Options (Not finished)

    Added third and final stage for the Holo-Room

    Added chance to kick when attacking

    Bug Fixes

    3 New Soundtracks

    Sprite Improvements.

    You should try it and leave your suggestions!

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