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  • <center>PROJECT METROIDVANIA</center>

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    This is a fun project I've been working on for my own enjoyment. It's in the vain of Metroid\Castlevania (hence the tentative title). There's still a lot to be done, but for now you can run around and beat up on a box..yeah fun! It has a good buffer system (try dashing into a jump...even if you hit jump too early, it will still jump when you're allowed to). It also has a saving system so level events aren't repeated. I also have good amount of the map done but they still need level tiles, environment hazards, enemies etc. Press [ if you get to a room that has either no tiles or the tiles don't match up to see collision. Anyway please let me know what you think. I'd be interested to hear if the game runs well on your system(press Tab to see FPS), how the controls feel, or whatever other comments you may have. Thanks for checking it out! Play Here


    Arrows - move

    Double tap Left or Right - Dodge

    Space - Jump

    S - Attack (Up and down arrows modify attacks)

    Enter - Forward text


    0 - Gives all abilities (wall slide\wall jump...double jump got broken when i added the buffer system)

    [ - shows invisible objects and hides level gfx. Delete - deletes saved data. If for some reason you want to re-trigger a cinematic or something Tab - Shows some variables, in case you're interested
  • Wow cool

    You did a good job on the animations, and controls handle nicely. As far as frame rate, i was getting a constant 59 FPS on my end

  • Amazing ^^

    Only bugs I found is that sometimes I can't jump or I can't walk, like after an attack seemed like I was stuck until I jumped

  • Ho yeah! Excellent! Constant 60 fps here.

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  • Good job, nice animation and graphics and the controls are cool ;D

  • Very cool. Like 7Soul said, you can't move, or dodge in the opposite direction, after attacking or dodging until you jump. Everything looks great. I can't wait to see more of this one.

  • Awesome graphics, looking forward to the completed version!

  • Thanks for the feedback! Strange though, I tested on two computers and I'm not able to duplicate the bug where you're stuck and have to jump to get out. Maybe that's a framerate issue messing with the timers? Guess I'll have to add some secondary checks to makes sure you're able to move afterwards.

  • Awesome to see it in motion Lou, subbing to this thread for sure :)


  • The movement getting stuck is fixed. Looks amazing! The screen shake is a great addition. The uppercut move is great and I was able to juggle the block in the corner. Very fun. Can't wait to see more!

  • Awesome graphics!

    Combo attack is nice, but a little stiff.

    Did you model the character out and turn it into pixel graphics? because it looks pretty convincing! I love it.

    Aerial attacks are fancy, and the effects you do look really nice.

    Zooming is fancy too.

    PS: I found your secret tunnel!

  • lildragn I was about to email you that I posted up a demo. I think I told you it would be at least a month more before I made it public, but I figured I'd post it early and get some feedback even in its unpolished state.

    whatever23 I didn't fix anything...but glad things worked for you all of a sudden.

    Rory Thanks for the crit! I'm still working on the attack animations and I'm definitely not happy with the basic combo.

    Yup, the character is a 3D model with some photoshop work. It's a big cheat, but it's so much faster to animate that way. For me at least.

    BTW, I stopped using Construct for awhile, but I played your "My Irrational Fear of Unicorns" game a few months ago and it motivated me to get back to doing games. Nice work on it!

  • UberLou Wow, I'm glad that something I did managed to motivate you. You've outdone yourself I must say, it looks so much more refined and fun to play than many of the games I see around here, so good work ;)

  • This looks pretty promising, i can't wait to play a more advanced version of it.

    The animation is great, i love the attack effects, ant the Uppercut is fantastic.

    BUG: After Double Tap for dodging, you can't move until you jump...

  • Wow this is amazing <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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