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  • Jogo baseado em um programa de televisão.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... nock_knock

  • This is an English speaking forum, please stick to English or provide a translation with your post.

  • Oh laziness, I understand your English because I studied, will study Portuguese, or use the google translator.

  • Beyond what the game is temporarily down for updating, so getting ATARI seaquest google play

  • junior, que bom encontrar um brasileiro por aqui!

    tentei acessar o link porém deu invalido.

    meio perdido nesse forum

  • junior, que bom encontrar um brasileiro por aqui!

    tentei acessar o link porém deu invalido.

    meio perdido nesse forum

    Perhaps you missed my post above. This is an English speaking forum, please stick to English or also provide a translation with your post.

  • Brazilian finally here!

    I tried to access the link but gave invalid.

    a little lost in this forum

  • Fala ai Biello, pois é, o jogo esta em manutenção mas tem o ATARI - seaquest

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... forandroid

    Quanto ao Arima, deixa o preguiçoso ai, kkkkkkkkkkk se fosse o Ashley, eu até dava um jeito, mas o site inteiro tem traduções para um monte de lingua, quem quiser que use o Google Tradutor kkkkkkkkkkk

  • English

    Hello Biello, the game is under maintenance but has ATARI - seaquest

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta forandroid ...

    As for Arima, let the lazy, kkkkkkkkkkk if it was Ashley, I even found a way, but the whole site has a lot of translations for language, who want to use the Google Translator kkkkkkkkkkk

  • I don't know what you mean by 'oh laziness' and 'let the lazy.' Are you calling me lazy?

  • Oi JuniorTabanez : não tem muitas pessoas que falam português aqui. Normalmente, devemos conversar em inglês ou traduzir seus mensagens. Google traduction não funciona bem com frases, mas acho que você já sabe-lho. Somente ter uma linguá permite à todos de se entender e de participar juntos, sempre. Você não fala inglês bem talvez? é muito importante por trabalhar na industria de videogame. De qualquer maneira, é importante de manter uma linguá aqui. Você pode perguntar Tom por um forum especialmente em Português, talvez ele pode abrir-lho.

    Boa noite!

    (basically translated your messages Arima - couldn't resist an opportunity to write in Portuguese ! I believe Junior told you to use google translate in the first post, yep.)

  • JuniorTabanez Calling me lazy for not using google translate is the same as calling yourself lazy, because you don't want to use it either. This is an English forum. Being on a forum means you have to abide by the rules, and one of those rules is users speak in English. We cannot effectively moderate if we need to copy and paste messages one by one to translate. It would be extremely impractical considering how many posts are made if even a small fraction of them weren't in English. In addition, moderating this forum is not the only thing I have to do. Calling me lazy is just plain rude and simply isn't true. If I was truly lazy I wouldn't be a moderator, as it's not even a paying job. So please refrain from calling me lazy and abide by the forum rules.

  • Completely agreed with Arima.

    He's been polite all along this topic when you, Junior, have only appeared as smug and insulting.

    If I were to call you lazy or worse in my own native language, would you find it fair ? Would you only understand it ? I doubt you studied French...

    This very forum is enforcing English as it is an international language. Proof is, you and I don't have the same native language, nevertheless we can still communicate despite it.

    If you want to stick to your own language, then this forum is not the place and you should rather do the effort of checking the non-English communities listed.

    Calling Arima lazy because his own native language is English is just immature and ridiculous. Plus it shows your ignorance towards moderator's positions and tasks.

    Anyway, it is the final warning. Stick to English or face the consequences.

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