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  • Hello, I'm sorry for what happened to my post, I was misunderstood. I downloaded the anger in those who had nothing to do with it. I do not speak English and have to run after everything I can. People always speak of Brazil with monkeys on the street and treat us like we're a bunch of uneducated Indians. I do not have people who speak my language here, and there are few who know how you speak. thank you for your attention and once again apologize peopl and grammar errors in this post.

    I apologize to all of the forum. And rarely will post something here to learn fluent English as well as Obama.

    Kyatric really like your tutorials.

    Do not worry. The purpose of having posted in Portuguese is the need to meet people of my country, Brazil.

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  • No worries, I understand the frustration of trying to communicate across languages, and can empathize with no much being available only in a language you don't know (so many of those Japanese-only games, for example).

    There are several Brazilian members on this forum (undoubtedly more than I'm aware of, as not all users mention their homeland) and I've never seen anyone look down at them or treat them negatively because of it (which totally wouldn't be allowed here if it were to happen), so you can feel at ease here.

    And in case it wasn't clear from the language barrier, if you do get into a conversation with someone who speaks your language, feel free to continue your posts in both languages in your post one after the other, formatted like so:



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