Planet Rush on Google Play (please try it out)

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  • Hi everyone,

    We just released our new game "Planet Rush" on Google Play.

    • and we would love to get some feedback on the perfomance!

    Is it lagging on your mobile, or does it run smoothly? or any other bugs?


    You can watch a small video here:

    Download here:

    Thanks to everyone who will try it out!

  • Love it. Reviewed.

    A transition between the planets would be nice, and a Google Play Leaderboard. I got 94.

  • Hi Mark!,

    Thanks for the feedback. MUCH appreciated.

    Just wondering, what did you mean specifically, by transitions between the planets?

    I would love to implement new ideas!

    A score on 94 is pretty darn good i must say! nice one

  • Hi,

    No worries - it's not a game-breaker, but I mean a graphical transition between the 2 planets. For example, maybe show the planet crumbling into the smaller one, or him flying to the new one as it progresses

  • Thanks for explaining!

    That's a great idea though, i will definatly try to implement something like that!

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  • I played your game. I actually enjoyed it. However, it isn't saving my best score when I close and return to the app. Is that intentional? Is the best score just per session?

    Also I would agree with the feedback above that the planets changing needs to be less instant, some kind of transition or countdown because a few times I thought for a second that I'd died until I realised it was just changing planets.

    Also just for info, I've not seen any ads in there yet since I started playing. Are there supposed to be ads?

  • Hi FredQ

    That's some great feedback, thanks a lot!

    The first version i put up, is just saving scores per session, but i guess i could use Webstorage to save them.

    (that might actually be better, and funnier)

    I totally agree with the transition thing, and ive been thinking about it.

    i was thinking about an idea that might be fun, if the wait time (planet-change) is reduced drastically.

    • and it changes randomly to make the game even harder?

    Not sure if that is a bad idea?

    I have implemented ads, but i found that it didnt work, so i updated the game an hour ago, and they seem to launch on my Samsung phone now.

    Please let me know if the ads show up, if you decide to play it again!

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  • Ads work now and also the webstorage for the high score! I actually really enjoy this game, as simple as it is. I normally download games on here to give feedback then uninstall them but I'll keep this one around for a while.

    Can I ask which ad provider are you using?

  • The ads was giving me some problems, but im glad to hear they work now!

    i use mopub + admob for the ads!

    And thanks so much, that means a lot!, i'll make sure to add some cool features to the game soon!

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