Pinball Wars: New App using Construct2

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  • Download today on Google Play! (I'm a poet, lol)

    I put the basic layout onto the store to get some feedback.

    Next I am plan on putting alliances (ie, some type of alliance wars.) and also plan on adding Tower/Bumper upgrades.

    Was thinking of using multiplayer to allow people to watch battles, and would like to have recorded video, but not sure how that works via php.

    On the feature list to get done will be PVP, just not sure as of yet what rewards etc to add for that.

    Would love feedback!!!

    Thanks in advance.


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  • I can't tell what's going on!

    You should post either a video or playable demo at least.

    Or at the very least tell people what kind of game it is and how it plays.

    The gradients, contrast, everything looks a bit cheap, but I guess these aren't the final graphics.

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