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  • Hi guys!,

    english is not my first language but here it goes,

    wanted to show what ive been working on, its an angrybirds like engine, with ability to save/load levels on the fly, ive spend more time on the editor itself than the actual game, because i just wanted to create a base that i then take further to other concepts then a pure angrybird clone,

    i first build the leveleditor on a seperate level, but i reconsidered that and made it so you can directly test the level your working on, the cool thing is that the instant you create certain objects, the projectile will act accordingly > enemy object/destructable objects,

    the last thing i added was that the object saves properties like moveble/immovable, so i can add groundobject or static objects

    i also created it that the levels are saved to a mysql database, (wich took me the longest time as i didnt know php/mysql) but now i least know the basics, this demo is an ingame saving system, because im still working out security + its way faster like this

    the leveleditor controls are explained in the leveleditor

    to shoot, just pull and let go :) you also switch camera by clicking on screen

    smoothest play is ofcourse chrome, but opengl is also activated, so firefox and the lot will also play reasonable i think

    so let me know what you think!

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  • how do you do a broken crates? :)

  • delgado, I presume its just a animation..

  • i made a broken "piece" sprite with 4 frames, destroyed the crate and created 4 pieces with a random frame, and gave a slight strenght to it

  • Brilliant. I will have to play around with doing something similar myself in the future I think.

  • Very nice engine!! I wanted to do something like this...great start!!

  • Very impressing. I am again supriesed what C2 is capable of.

  • glad you like it, always nice to hear :) its a bit on hold now until familys show up :) really need them to do more collison checking between same pieces.

  • Wow, that's fantastic!

  • Your link no longer works, is it possible you could fix that? I would like to see it

  • frozze

    Please don't dig up dead tipics...

    You are late like 3 years... dont you see it?

  • frozze , heh its pretty old demo, domain is gone, but still have it, ill see if i can get it up again

  • irina Yes i know it's old, but i don't have 500 rep to PM vtrix, so it was the only way.. sorry

    vtrix thank you a lot if it isn't too much trouble, then you could send me the capx?

  • well.. it looks like it was worth it...

  • vtrix any chance that you want to share the capx? and php files? im working on something similar, but i have been stuck for weeks

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