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  • PKrawczynski

    That's ridiculous because the Tab 3 has what, 1.5gb of ram? I've tested it a whole range of devices.

    Star Nomad only use ~150mb, hardly anything for all the art assets.

    I know it will crash for two reasons from my own testing:

    1. Obviously not enough memory (often on 512/768mb devices with lots of apps running in background).

    2. Modified Android OS, such as Cyanogenmod.

    Edit: is it the Tab 3 7 inch? 1024x600 pixels, 1GB ram. The Tab 3 8 Inch has 1280x800 pixel and 1.5GB of ram.

    The game doesn't work for sub 720p devices. It was a design choice to aim for that minimum specs (since generally devices with less resolution that that tend to have very weak hardware and wont be able to handle such a complex game).

    Runs great on my tab 3

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  • Runs great on my tab 3

    Glad to hear it! It use to crash on a lot of Samsung stuff when I was using CJS for Android, I've switched to XDK for Android builds.

    For iOS8+, CJS's WebView+ is unbeatable.

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