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Shoot balls to destroy as many blocks as possible, at each stage the game will become more difficult.
  • Hello there,

    This week I finished a game I was doing for the brazilian graphic design office Pank Design. The game is Pancho, el cacto atirador (Pancho, the shooting cactus), a lunch-time-sized mini-game.

    Pancho is Pank Design's mascot.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Game in facebook. You don't have to be logged to play, only to share.

    The game was done in 3 days, by only 2 people (me and Estev?o Sarcinelli).

    The goals are simple:

    • pop as many baloons as possible
    • the clock is the timer
    • panktone baloons give you points
    • poping the right panktone baloon will give you more points. The picked color is showed in the card above Pancho
    • white baloons are just nice to pop, but give no points
    • orange baloons rewards you with a few extra seconds

    Don't forget to tell me what you think about the game! If you like, please share and help me keep doing this games <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Hope you enjoy the game!

  • I love the graphics. Good game ;)

  • Wow addicting game ! Liked it very much. But there's a irritating problem that i believe is on Construct side : The mouse is not locked to game area so you keep clicking and selecting outside elements on page and loosing focus on game. This problem becomes very apparent in "clickclick" game like this. But anyway great game congrats :D

  • Haha awesome game :D

    enjoyed and like the cactus

  • Neat idea. I had not seen a game embedded like this before!

  • Nice game :)

  • very nice sir...and nerve

  • that's a really cool little game. the cutest i've seen so far.

    the facebook embed almost makes me want to open an account ... NA!

  • haha! Cool Game!

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  • Many thanks to all that had played. And thanks for the kind words in this post!

    One of the topics of the briefing was to merge the game into facebook's background. I guess your comment shows a little backfire on that aspect xD. I don't know if I'll be able to change that =/

    Well, I'm too happy with the results of this project. The comments were quite nice, the access on Pank Design's facebook page skyrocketed (up to 400% more accesses) and this project opened a few new doors for me.

    I'm a brazilian game developer and here is quite hard to make a living with games. Thank you Scirra for existing and Scirra's community for being so awesome and helpful. I'm too lucky to be on this community since Construct Classic and see all the amazing updates.

    For me, every update is like a little christmas present.

  • Then we're comrades, since i'm brazilian too and wishing to make a living by making games, best o luck to you :D

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