Pachinko Parlor (Facebook v1.3A update)

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  • Pachinko Parlor has had an update in time for Halloween:

    Version 1.3A update

    Changes made to game

    * NEW - Lobby runs smoother now, with machine graphics issues a thing of the past.

    * NEW - The machine background now has the capability of flashing whenever a ball enters a score trap.

    * NEW - A New spinner type has been added. It makes its first appearance in Machine #16.

    * NEW - The game now comes with a Free Machine feature. We will now be able to unlock a machine to feature it.

    * NEW - New sound effects for balls hitting pins and balls entering traps.

    * MOD - Gameplay tweaked to reduce the number of balls rewarded. Remember to click on the Gold coin if you run out of balls.

    * MOD - Gameplay tweaked to make the traps close even earlier.

    * MOD - Splash screen now loads faster.

    <img src="" border="0">

    More game updates and new machines will be coming in the following weeks.

    All feedback will be greatly appreciated. Send your emails to

  • A new Pachinko machine design has been added to the game.

    Machine #17 - Hearty Roar depicts a Chinese Lion Head. This was a vacation photo taken at Berjaya Times Square (a mall) in Kuala Lumpur during the days leading up to Chinese New Year.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Do you have a direct link.. i don't want to give an unknown App access to my Facebook data just to give it a test play?

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  • Do you have a direct link.. i don't want to give an unknown App access to my Facebook data just to give it a test play?

    I won't call it a test play. This game has already been released for 6 months and I have accumulated >800 players (without much advertising). The direct link is https// Pachinko Parlor version 1.3A cannot be played stand-alone as the Facebook plug-in is too tightly coupled with the game. Anyway, it's not like I'm doing anything with the emails of people who have played my game. I haven't even had the time to send direct emails to my players (telling them of new additions to the game) since I am running everything as a one-man setup.

    BUT, I do understand and respect your concern, so might I suggest a version that does not capture your email at all. The Chrome Web Store has an older version of the game (with only 6 machines). It's over here:


    Gavin GamesWarp Studio

  • Great Job looks good!

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