Old Age Mutant Kung-fu turtle

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  • Most recent update - Click image to play ( Alpha v10.0) (JUL 27 2012)

    Original post <<

    Working on getting something finished for a first level.

    As it happens today I bought the licence to add more than 100 events, and the very same time figured how to reduce it by 20.

    A lot learned in the process of what I've got to so far, not least that I should have scaled the whole layout rather than scaling each individual sprite.

    Something that'd be welcome on the features list would be percentile scaling, it's only that I've got powers of two memorised from 10 years of unrealed that I am able to work at speed haha.

    Game beta - http://www.johnnysix.net/games/KFT04/

    Shots (you can view zoomed out in-game by holding 3 on the numpad)

    <img src="http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/082/7/d/wip_game__2_by_johnnysix-d4tplwb.png" border="0">

  • :)

    Love the name, have to say that the game looked much nicer when you are zoomed out. I would probably keep it at that distance.

    Cool progress.

  • WOW, really cool. I'm always impressed by people who make themselves their own sprites. The choice of a pixelized design, it's brillant. I love it.

    Nevertheless, because it's pixelized, I agree with GenkiGenga. Pixels are better if they are zoomed out. The quality and the view is better for the player too.

    Keep up man!

  • I've got the zoom on button controls at the moment, so could have it zoomed out, then perhaps zoomed in for stuff like puzzles.

    Still got to figure out ladder movement, I can't seem to get him moving up the ladder with just lerping vector-y

    Here are some of the sprites actual size :

    <img src="http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/084/4/3/wip_game__3_by_johnnysix-d4tv9go.png" border="0" />

  • I like how u get health from the water, is there an attack key?

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  • Jump over the rats and press down, you'll squash them with your shell. :)

    Glad it was something that you figured out with the water - I am hoping to avoid tutorials, just learn by doing as it were. :)

  • This plays really nicely, good job look forward to seeing more :)

  • Same link, I've added a few tweaks, he shouldn't hopefully get stuck in the hurt animation while in the air, and should be able to use the ladder now.

    Still to do :

    Collectables ( Pizze slices, anchovy tins, cabbage? )

    Score - need to use custom sprite font for this

    Scrolling is off on the ladder.

    Timing on ladder animations

    Slime effects - bubbles etc, slime death animation

    Pause from death to respawn.

  • I managed none of those things, but I realised how derped my handling of animations was, now I've come to the point where I need to control when the character ducks for enclosed spaces, bleuch.

    Lesson learned - plan first, build later.

    Anyway- latest update here, added effects for the attack move ( press down quickly after jumping) , add a bunch of transitional animations, some of which work, some which don't at all.

    Duckwalk - works if you press left while crouching or holding down when landing, but doesn't work if you're walking, THEN press down.

    Landing While Walking - now does a different landing sequence if you're moving.

    Trying to walk into a wall - doesn't work - was trying to do something similar to the way sonic pushes against things - just testing if the user is 1- against wall, and 2 - pressing that direction.


    Version 5 I guess, except offline it's the beyond 80th save now.

  • I did add music which works offline, it doesn't seem to work in firefox online though. Let me know if it works for you. :)

  • mUSIC working - using chrome. ;)

  • :: Latest Version ::


    Pizza, Poison & Plumbers

    waypoints (water pools)

    effects on attack

    *Sounds *   - Let me know if too loud/too quiet.



    Zoom can be toggled with space - If I had the "crouch-look" mechanic working better, I'd leave ultra-zoom on, as some of the game mechanics.

    Maybe I'll do some kind of easy/hard mode.

    Lemme know crits etc - some stuff is still buggy

    If you can't kill the boss, press Num 1 to toggle debug/god mode, Num 2 to toggle back.

    Shots of some new stuff -

    <img src="http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/085/2/7/wip_game__3_by_johnnysix-d4u1rgw.png" border="0">

  • Really cool looking game, love the graphic style. I think perhaps he could move a bit faster when he's on the ladders, and also it would be good if it was possible to move off to the side of a ladder to let go so you could fall when you want to - in the first down ladder if you accidentally grab on as you're falling you have to wait until you get to the very bottom before you can let go. Also it would be good to explain at the start how you can attack. Good work!

  • that sir...is damn beautiful.

  • Awesome , try and post it on google play and you will sucess !!!

    Edit : bugs on chrome ; when you go in poison you can't get away , when falling from a ladder the animation glitch and when you climb ladders , you climb very slowly and when you are in the middle you automatically go to the summit

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