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You think you are fast?! Then let’s see how fast you can control this ring!
  • I've done a lot of experimenting with what Construct 2 can do, and I finally settled on this concept. I'm really glad this program exists. I wouldn't have been able to make this otherwise. Programming is definitely not for everyone. I just design and execute.

    So, try it out and let me know what you think. Still a test version so there might be bugs.

    Play O-Ring

    PS. I wanted to put it up the Arcade but it doesn't support full-browser view.

  • Cool game, good concept. What about adding countdown timer to make it more challenging. It's pretty hard as it is, but probably I need just get use to it.

  • jickay,

    very nice game sir. original mechanism.

  • Good Game, I cant get past level1 though !!

    maybe make it a little easier?

  • it actually is pretty easy. you just have to realize that to slow the 'ball' down for turns, you select in an area behind it. in a sense, pulling on it, to slow it down for a change of direction.

    i really like it, because it makes you think of how best to manipulate the movement.

  • Love the concept!

  • jickay,

    could you do a 'smaller' scaled version for the arcade, because i think people should really see games like this, that have 'different' mechanisms for 'playing'.

    just a thought.

  • very nice, great concept and also like the graphic style already, went to level 4 but that corner killed me too much, smart idea with the closing door

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  • Glad you guys like it. It's meant to encourage exploration and experimenting with controls like the old days of gaming. Not so much hand holding. Just gave it a new twist.


    Hmm I would but the size of my game is 1280x720. Not sure if I can resize the thing as a whole, or if I have to resize everything manually.

    That was one thing that bothered me about the program. I couldn't resize/rotate a group of sprites. Would be very useful. Eats up a lot of time doing each one individually. Let me know if I just haven't found a tool or something that does this.

  • maybe be changing the size and then layout scale to 0.7 or something

  • Great style and nice concept !

  • Very interesting concept, look forward to future additions.

    Like possibly a score system?

  • very creative and original.

    i like it.

    but i manage to having difficulties so hard in the first level. i hope it could be easier, probably with reducing the sensitivity.

    great game though. :)

  • Very cool Game - Thank you!

  • Great Game and Concept, i got to level 3 so far...

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