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You think you are fast?! Then let’s see how fast you can control this ring!
  • Nice! Thanks for the feedback guys.

    So far it seems like a hit or miss. Some people find it really hard to pick up the controls and some people get the hang of it after a while. It's all set by the custom controls so the physics is what it is.

    Syauqi I tested different sensitivities and if it was any lower it gets too hard to turn around corners, and if its any higher it accelerates too fast. So this was the sweet spot. Keep trying a bit more.

    Lordxorn2 there is sort of a score system if you finish all 10 levels. =D

  • I just learned today that my game isn't performing properly. I didn't think HTML5 was so resource intensive, but after testing the game on a few other systems it lags on most of them. I just thought that since my desktop is last gen most other systems could manage too.

    I'll look into this and see if things can be optimized somewhere. Or maybe I'm just overlooking something. So if you had problems with the controls it might be because it wasn't running smoothly. I thought it was strange that so many people thought it was hard.

  • One of most impressive games I�ve see here. Keep going improving this game.

  • Very nice game Jickay. Ive never played anything like it.

    The graphics fit perfectly and the game sounds are great. It doesnt lag on my system but I can definately concur that this game is HARD! :) In a good way though. I just had a playthrough with my girlfriend and by stage 4 you had us both yelling at failure and cheering at success!

    I found it interesting that we both used completely different styles, she was more precise - moving slowly, while i was gun-ho charging faster than i could handle 90 percent of the time haha.

    When we finally got past stage 3 i thought that we were going to just be doing the same thing through another maze but you really mixed it up with the trap door effect (really good mechanics). Stage 5 was our demise... argh that very last part!

    One criticism: by the end, i was getting a little tired of the beeping sound from clicking the mouse - it had me thinking what if you had a tune that cycled through as you pressed the button. Similar to using one of those old music boxes where you had to physically turn the handle to get the music going (and turning it faster would play it faster obv).

    Im making a habit of ranting in my reviews but i would appreciate the feedback so I dont hold back.

  • This is one of the more subtle uses of visuals as well as audio that I can recollect form C2 (at least so far <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )

    Nice ambiance and nice style...the conservation of momentum from board to board was an especially interesting, as well as challenging element. Can't wait to see where you go with it!

  • GenkiGenga Haha my girlfriend got stuck on Level 5 for a while too. It was a triumph once she made it past.

    I like your comments. I wanted it to be unique and not quite like any other game before it. I also wanted it to be challenging but rewarding like the old school games. The controls are simple enough that anyone can play yet not everyone can master.

    Regarding the sounds, I am experimenting with putting in notes when you click but strangely enough it was much more annoying. It was like the same song playing over and over again while you get frustrated trying to pass the level. The current two sounds are far less distracting. I will play around more and see what happens.

    Glad you guys like it! Keep playing though. There are more surprises on level 8.

  • maybe you could have some backgound music - not to loud. I think some songs from BertyCox could fit.

    You can find his royalty free music here: Dogmazik

  • Ahh now that you put it that way i can imagine - keeping the sounds fresh will be a challenge. (Im sure your up to it though).

    You could possibly split the map into sections and have different sounds when the player clicked in those different sections.

    Some light background music could be nice as well.

    Really interested to see how you progress in this one.

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  • Ha ha ha! I almost wet myself!!!

    Great fun!!

    nice to see an original idea too !!

    Keep up the good work...

    maybe you could include some extras like moving bounce springs,holes to fall in, sheilds etc etc

    but maybe this is not what you trying to do! anyway nice game !!

  • Been getting lots of great feedback. Makes me happy to see people like my idea!

    One big question though is about difficulty. I reduced the lag so most things should work properly, but I still have no idea if anyone finished the game.

    So, if anyone wants to let me know how far they got just shout out which level you made it to. I want to know so I can gauge how many more levels to add and how difficult to make them. Cheers!

  • Great concept. I love it.


  • Very nice game. Great concept and a "less is more" approach that falls in nicely with the game.

    Good job!

  • Jickay! Still stuck on stage 5! - might take another look tonight and see if i cant get past it.

    Damn i seemed to run into a bug, on IE9 the game didnt freeze - but i lost all control over the ring at the start of stage 5.

    On the second time in chrome it happened at the beggining of stage 4.

    Have you got the save/load feature of the list of things to do? It would be nice to start from where i left off.

  • Great idea. I love ths game.

  • GenkiGenga

    Can you tell me how you 'lost control'? Like did the clicking not work, or the ring didn't respond, or it was just going nuts somehow? Thanks.

    I will think about the save feature. Once I mastered the controls it takes me about 5-10 mins to finish all the levels I have so far. So I didn't think it was too bad not to have a save.

    Kinda wanted it like old school arcade games where you beat the game or you start over. =D

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