Necromancer RPG prototype ready for download!

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  • As a thank you to the boards here, this is the second place I am posting the link to the prototype of my game Necromancer, The Fight For Life.

    You may have seen me asking various questions around here and the community has always been exceptionally helpful.

    The game will be a 2D monster collection game with similar mechanics to Pokemon, but with story and characters that I hope will be worthy of a classic Final Fantasy game- All set in a world overrun with Necromancers and undead.

    Here is the page where you can download the game-

    *Major Bug*- during the battle screen, if you hit the space bar before the current animation has totally completed, you may initiate the next animation which will cause the game to freeze. Please be patient!

    I am aiming to have a Kickstarter going on May 20th, so please offer any thoughts or feedback you might have!

    All the best,


  • Gotta say, it's looking good so far from the screenshots.

    Unfortunately, we can't play the game using the zip file. Whenever someone tries to open the index file from their computer, it will give them an error saying it must be uploaded to be played.

    It's pretty easy to fix though. If you upload the contents of the zip file to your server and link the index file, it'll work just fine.

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  • Some other people aren't having trouble with that... does it work if you unpack the zip file and then run the index file? In that case an error message pops up but when it is dismissed the game plays fine...

  • I apologise for anyone who has had difficulty getting the prototype to work- instead I have a very early game play video for anyone interested-

    and a development blog-

    Much love.

    Much love.

  • I like the trailer voice.

  • Hey the mechanics are just like pokemon and old final fantasy 1 pretty good looking. Just a thought you couls just post your game inside a folder in google drive share it a "public" with the "can view" option, open it with the google viewer and click preview button.. then just copy that link and there instant hosting people can see and play it no problem.

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