Mini-Golf Ace (Early Build)

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  • Mini-Golf Ace is a project I'm doing because I lost my last project's files and did not want to restart so I decided on a new project and so I went with a nice Putting Game. Mainly because I love Mini-Golf and It also seems like a optimal project for construct.

    This is Extremely Incomplete :P just a heads up.

    <font size="6">Donwload</font><font size="3">(Recomended)</font>

    <font size="4">Try in browser</font>

    If you have any questions message me here.

    If you want a faster response add me on steam I'm almost always online.

    Steam: LoganJFord

    UPDATE: 0.8.0

    Added Hole 8.

  • This is already better then 75% of the games out there. :) I can't wait to see the finished version!

  • Thanks unlike my past projects this one I have full plans on getting through so expect frequent updates :P

  • Love it!!! I'm jealous, I wanted to do something like this but did not know how.

    It's great!

    And as a music producer I love the track playing as well very fitting for the game.

    Keep it going.

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  • bad news lol I found that track online, however I can make my own music but for now its a placeholder also that placeholder fits the feeling im looking for.

  • Update:

    Added a (currently non-functional) Score Card, Hold TAB.

    Added swipe in and out sounds for Score Card.

    Added a sound when you sink the ball.

    Lowered the sounds of the background music.

  • Really good! Haha can't wait for more levels!

    Not sure if you noticed, but when initially loading, I can drag the middle loading bar around.

  • Fixed that loading screen drag thing but next update I'm redoing the loading screen entirely so keep eye out for that next

  • Update:

    Updated Loading Screen (Still W.I.P)

    Added a Options panel accessible by Options at Main Menu (only one option currently)

  • Aw man I wanted to see more of that pixel rpg game!

    Good work on this one though! Is the first level supposed to be all gray?

  • Yea that's a project I lost files for as well :| but I have this project backed up properly so I'm not at risk to lose anything and I'm taking any experience from past project to this so only way is UP :D

  • Hmm guys, when i click the link i see a mini golf game :/ No rpg, no greyscale first level. :Something wrong with me?

  • lol XD

    BTW I typoed "Quality" in the options will fix later

  • Update:

    Changed the putting to shoot where you last clicked rather than a constant update to direction.

    (This is for later I'm going to be using a 2 point power shot system similar to Tiger Woods games.

    Changed the Starting Pad from 4 to 5 choices.

    Added a Putting Club when you charge your shot.

    Added sound when you take a shot.


    Finished the new Power Shot System now it is a 2 click system. Click once to start the meter as it fills up Click again to shoot.

    Will be tweaking the speed as it fills later for difficulty levels. For now it will fill up at a steady rate and descend at 2x the rate it filled up at.

    Added a putting club that has a small charging animation when charging a shot.

    Change: New Power Meter design.

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