Mini-Golf Ace (Early Build)

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    Changed Hole 1

    Added Tips (Currently only 1 :P and later will have disable option)

    Removed mouse during gameplay and Added a arrow that will extend only so far out.

    Added a Next button after each hole (This is for other features later)

    BTW I will be updating from here on out less, but updates will be a bit bigger, I'm not comfortable bumping my post over and over with update posts

  • Cool. How did you implement the bounce for Par?

  • I'm using the nifty little behavior, <font size="4">Lite Tween</font> (The only plugin I have lol)

    Also use this for the ball sinking animation which on Ball overlap hole it take that location tweens from current location to center of hole and a second tween is also applied that shrinks the ball to get it the effect of it falling.

    very good behavior I enjoy using it a lot its also used almost all my HUD elements.

  • Pretty refined even at this stage. I liked the fonts, and the graphics of the holes was well done.

    I didn`t really understand the controls. and i noticed it is a lot easier if you place the ball right by the hole ;p

  • The whole thing is really sleek and clean, love the presentation, and the game mechanics work great. Can't wait for some more greens to put.

  • Very nice so far! I just tried it in Chrome before I read the note saying it didn't work, but it worked fine for me... The controls work extremely smoothly.

    Maybe I'm impatient, but it seemed to take a long time for the ball to completely stop sometimes - when it didn't look like the ball was actually moving more that a pixel or two. I think it would help the pace of the game if you had a threshold to stop the ball.

  • Awesome Job!! I really enjoy this golf game! I think you should add some landscapes and maybe having themes would be pretty epic aswell.

    Awesome job

  • Thanks for the feedback guys!

    As for scenery I'm not that great with highly detailed art so I try and stay away from it and keep my simple art as good as I can get it. But don't worry I am going to attempt to spice up the scenes later.

    As for working in chrome, mine did not if it works lol GREAT!

    The end product will be Desktop App, not in browser, download will be a bit big for browser in my opinion.

  • Bro i could probably mock up some simple grass texture you could use to spice it up a bit if you wanted.

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  • PM me or add me on Steam (steam name on first page) dont want to keep bumping topic with questions :P

  • UPDATE: 0.6.0

    Added 2 New Holes (Holes 5 and 6)

    Hole 6 adds moving obstacle

    Also made it so when the ball slows down it comes to a complete stop, faster. (I know that was annoying waiting for the ball to hurry up and stop so fixed it :P)

    Please find any bugs and tell me or any suggestions preferably game play not art. This is my first game I plan of finishing fully and I don't want to spend lots of time on art :P besides i think this very simple style looks nice and works well.

  • I tested this on FFox and didn't see any game logic problems..

    Next I'd like to see results page and option for local (take turns share mouse) multiplayer. And of couse, more holes to play.

    Really great work. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • great idea as for the local multiplayer and i have planned a results page after each hole and in pause menu.

    as for holes there will be a full 18 and maybe down the road another course of 18 holes but for now the main goal is 18 holes 1 course

  • Very good - like this one a lot.

  • Thanks!

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